Volunteer of the year- Arnie Panitch

Arnie Panitch

Arnie Panitch

Arnold “Arnie” Panitch, retired university professor and world traveler, has been active in attending HNA meetings and has participated in a variety of projects since moving to Portland from Boise, Idaho.  He is our unofficial “Cart Czar” (aka CarTsar) who returns shopping carts to Fred Meyer, Safeway, and Food Front.  He served a term on the board of Community Partners for Affordable Housing, and is currently on the board of Food Front.  In addition, he is a Ride Connection volunteer, and assists those—particularly seniors–wanting to know more about the Tri-Met system.  Arnie delivers lectures on the Lair Hill neighborhood for groups of pedestrians who tour the area with him.  He participates in neighborhood clean-up patrols.  And, he serves each Friday as a volunteer at the Visitors’ Bureau office in Pioneer Square.

More important than the specific actions, however, is Arnie’s dedication to giving voice to the needs of those outside of the corridors of power and influence who need for the “Walk” light at the intersection to work, who need for the Number 45 bus to run on Sunday to get them to their job, who need decent housing at an affordable price, who need trails and sidewalks to speed them and their children to shops and schools.  Unimpressed with titles and dismissive of procedures which deny any resident, regardless of income or status, her day in court or his hour at the podium, Arnie Panitch represents the best of “Everyman” in action.

Thank you, Professor Panitch!

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