Minutes October 6, 2010

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
October 6, 2010
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

7:00 p.m. Business Meeting
Robert Hamilton, Co-Chair, called the meeting to order. The agenda was amended, at the suggestion of the chair, to include time for November 2 ballot measure supporters to speak, and to add Bob Currey-Wilson of Fred Meyer to report on the status of the company’s plan to remodel the Burlingame store. The amended agenda was unanimously approved. The minutes of the meeting of September 1 were unanimously approved.

Action Items

Bylaw Revisions. A motion was made by John Gould and seconded to accept all recommended bylaw changes from the Bylaws Review Committee. A motion was made and seconded to postpone to November 3 at 7 p.m. a vote on the motion to accept the Bylaws Review Committee to give members an opportunity to study them. The motion passed unanimously.

Buhler Cutoff. The following motion was made by Don Baack and seconded: That the 950 to 1,000 foot trail recently constructed and graveled by Southwest Trails (in eight days) located in the Homestead Neighborhood Association which connects SW Terwilliger and the bus stop and pedestrian crosswalk at 4900 SW Barbur Boulevard be named the “Buhler Cutoff” in honor of Lee Buhler, a long-time trails activist, volunteer worker, volunteer recruiter, hike leader, and recording secretary. We also urge the Portland Parks Department to erect signage to make this important connection visible on both Barbur and Terwilliger. The trail meets Barbur opposite the Rasmussen Village Apartments. The trail meets Terwilliger about four-tenths of a mile north of the Chart House at the picnic area at the second turn-out /parking area north of the Chart House. A motion was made and seconded to postpone to November 3 at 7 p.m. a vote on the Buhler Cutoff motion to allow members an opportunity to study it as well as other alternatives. The motion passed unanimously.

The chair noted that an HNA board meeting preceded this general meeting and was devoted to a review of the bylaw changes which will be discussed later this evening.

Ballot Measures
Four speakers addressed four measures which will be on the November 2 ballot. Don Baack discussed citizen-financed campaigns; Arnold Panitch discussed Tri-Met; Sola Whitehead discussed the library; and Bill Nelson described the Oregon Historical Society measure.

HNA Committee Reports
Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.
Glenn Bridger reported on the SWNI Transportation Committee meeting, noting that Hillsdale had selected as its top priority for Tier 2 sidewalk-construction funding on September 8 the section of SW Sunset from DeWitt to 18th Avenue.

Schools Committee
Michael Reunert reported on the Portland Public Schools redesign proposal. Homecoming activities are scheduled for this week at Wilson High School. Rieke Elementary School’s enrollment has risen from 286 to 375 (2009) to 400-450 this year.

Transportation Committee
Glenn Bridger described the HNA Transportation Committee meeting held at The Watershed on September 8 to select a Tier 2 top priority site for sidewalk construction. The meeting included approximately 30 participants, lasted two hours, and provided an opportunity for all sidewalk-construction candidates to be extensively discussed. The chair commended Glenn on the fair, open, and consistent manner in which he conducted the meeting.

Land Use Notices & Issues Committee
Duane Hunting reported on three notices: a traffic island at SW Capitol and Terwilliger; the I-5 freeway Iowa Street viaduct replacement during the following three years; and the vacation of a small portion of SW Seymour Street at 4700 SW Council Crest Drive for combining lots 1 and 4 to maintain street frontage. Mikal Apenes reported on contacting the manager of the Safeway store regarding their plans to remodel. The manager has been invited to report in person at a future monthly meeting. The store will move closer to Barbur with parking behind it. The exit ramp from Barbur to Multnomah will not be closed he said during or after the remodel.

Don Baack is drafting a letter for the Co-Chair, Sheila and Robert, to send to Mayor Sam Adams warning, again, of the danger of falling ice during the winter from the KGON Tower at Council Crest. The letter requests that the Portland Bureau of Transportation develop and install signs warning pedestrians, bicyclists, and automobile drivers who use the streets and trails in this area of the danger.

Parks Committee
Deferred until November 3.

Hillsdale Business & Professional Association
Richard Garfield reported that Heather Hale has been hired as the director of the Alliance of Neighborhood Business. The HBPA’s last meeting was well-attended and included a lively discussion of the Main Street project.

Hillsdale Alliance
Glenn Bridger announced that the next quarterly meeting of the Alliance will be Wednesday, October 13, at The Watershed, starting at 7 p.m. It is open to the public.

Hillsdale Foundation
Jim Stutts and Rick Seifert announced that the Main Street board has hired its first choice as a manager but her name is being withheld until she returns from her honeymoon. They have been very successful recruiting volunteers for the five committees which the manager and board will direct. The first meeting of volunteers is scheduled for October 19 at The Watershed at 7 p.m. The public is invited to a “vision and planning” meeting on November 30 from 5 to 9 p.m.; the location to be announced later.

Bylaws Review Committee
Using Power-Point, chair John Gould explained the proposed changes and updates to the HNA bylaws. A motion was made and seconded to accept all of the proposed changes. The chair suggested that a motion to postpone a vote until November 3 at 7 p.m. be made so that the proposed changes and the remaining bylaws could be posted at the HNA Web site (hna-pdx.com) for several weeks prior to the next meeting. The motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.

Sidewalk Priorities
Glenn Bridger, chair of the Transportation Committee, described the meeting of September 8 at which a top-priority for Tier 2 sidewalk construction was selected: the section of Sunset from DeWitt to 18th Avenue. The selection was then referred to Sheila and Robert who polled the HNA board. No objection was raised and the two Co-Chair directed Glenn to inform the SWNI Transportation Committee of our selection.

HNA Action Plan
The chair asked HNA committee chair and members to review and submit to him and Sheila updates for the HNA Action Plan, which will be submitted to SWNI. The former Action Plan was included on the reverse side of the agenda.

Neighborhood Economic Development Roundtable
Jim Stutts stated that he would defer reporting on the Roundtable until the November meeting when Joan Frederiksen, Southwest liaison to the Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability, will be invited to attend and make a presentation.

Buhler Cutoff
Don Back moved to name a newly installed trail from Barbur to Terwilliger the “Buhler Cutoff.” (See the motion’s language above at Action Items.) The motion was seconded but a vote has been postponed until November 3. Don explained in detail his reason for the motion. Wes Risher objected that Portland Parks has not had sufficient time to evaluate the matter and that their policy is to name trails after someone who has been dead for at least three years; though the policy can be waived, as it was in the case of the “Raz-Baack Crossing.” Rick Seifert suggested a concept such as the “Freedom Trail” as another alternative.

Bob Currey-Wilson: Fred Meyer Remodel
Through a Power-Point presentation, Bob described and illustrated the many changes which will be made to the Burlingame Fred Meyer during the next 15 months, beginning with the closing of the Burger King franchise, which has leased space. Parking sites will be relocated, as will the loading docks. The electronics department will be eliminated. The food department will remain open during the entire period of the remodel. The bank, pharmacy, and windows on the front side of the building will change. Work goes out to bid on October 22 with an anticipated budget of $16.5 million, which includes $7 million in equipment and power upgrades, but no new generator capacity for refrigerators and freezers.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn at 9:30 p.m. The motion passed unanimously.
Minutes compiled and edited by Robert Hamilton from the notes of Duane Hunting and Wes Risher.

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