Minutes November 3, 2010

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association
Meeting Agenda
February 3, 2010

Action items:
It moved that the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association entertain the idea of being the fiscal agent for donations for the beautification of the Cheltenham island, on the presentation of an agreed upon plan. The motion was seconded.
The motion passed: 12 votes in favor, 6 opposed, 12 abstentions

7:00 p.m. Business Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Sheila Greenlaw-Fink and Robert Hamilton at 7:00 p.m.
Opening & Approval of Agenda
Self Introductions: Name & Place of Residence
Approximately 38 present

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes January 2010 – Tabled until March.

7:10 Current Issues & Guest Speakers

Pamela Kambur, HAP, Hillsdale Terrace update
Review of plan to renew the property to create a new, more efficient community without the mold, water, and other problems it currently has. The property will also be brought up to new density standards and incorporate many green features. Also, an effort is being made to encourage social service networking and to make services more accessible to the Hillsdale Terrace community and the larger local community.
HUD has over 45 applications, and Hillsdale Terrace has not heard yet about its application.
The staff is preparing a proposal to present to the local board of commissioners mandating the creation of a local advisory board (residents, social service providers, educators, religious communities) that would meet monthly to discuss all of the service and funding pieces that can contribute to making the Hillsdale Terrace project the best possible. Members of the advisory committee will be sought from the local community. Ideally, these community representatives will be named by the middle of March so that the first meeting can happen by the end of March.
Toward the end of February, it is hoped that HUD will respond. Then more information about the plan and from the advisory community will be supplied to HUD providing additional information in preparation for the next step in this project.
A local husband and wife film-making team who made a film “Imagining Home” about the Columbia Villa rebuilding process will document the Hillsdale Terrace process: March 5, 7 p.m. at the Hillsdale Community Church
It is suggested by the members that HNA appoint three general representatives to this committee and also to the transportation committee. These appointments will be finalized at the March HNA meeting.

Tim Hall, Portland Water Bureau, Water Tank Renovations
The Water tanks at the top of 10th Avenue are 50 and 60 years old. They have a rust and corrosion problem. The steel tops on the two smaller towers will be replaced with aluminum tops, and safety measures will be improved in order to protect workers as they perform maintenance on the tanks.
The work will be done in phases, starting at 9:00 a.m. The intention is to mitigate effects as much as possible for neighbors. The street will be closed for a week at a time, with local access only, when necessary. There will be no Sunday operations.
These tanks serve the neighborhood –50,000 homes surrounding the tanks. The Fulton Pump station also pumps water to the neighborhood. The local tanks hold 1.6 million gallons. The water is circulated and replenished in each tank every day or two. These tanks were not involved in the E-Coli scare. They are deep into the ground, far exceeding the national standards for water tanks. They are designed to be earthquake resistant.
A larger 24-inch pipe will be installed from the 10th Avenue tanks to the Chestnut, Burlingame, Cheltenham, and Terwilliger street/avenue areas. On Terwilliger, the pipe will be installed under the pedestrian path from
Terwilliger Place to Capitol Highway. To mitigate the effects of the work on the trail, a temporary gravel trail (partially existing already) and a crosswalk will be installed on the uphill side of Terwilliger from
Capitol Highway and crossing Vincent Place until crossing Terwilliger.
It was suggested that asphalt be used, and assure a four-foot wide trail in order to allow for baby strollers, etc.
It was suggested that porous surfaces be considered.
A stop sign at the pedestrian crossing should be considered.
HNA asked about painting Hillsdale logo of “hills and dales with bicyclists and pedestrians”. We’ve learned that we would have to raise $20,000. Mr. Hall advised consulting with City Commissioner Randy Leonard.
Mark Lear, Portland Bureau Of Transportation; bike and pedestrian follow up regarding a Bike Boulevard that connects from Barbur to downtown.
The proposal of a crosswalk with an island at Westwood and Terwilliger was not well received by the neighborhood. At this point, the crosswalk is off the table. It is suggested that the money be used for crossings at Chestnut and Terwilliger, and also at Chestnut and Bertha. If an effort that reduces speeds on Terwillliger is successful in the future, then crosswalks can be considered again. Speed is a big problem on Terwilliger.

Cheltenham/Pendleton update:
There is an even split on positive and negative reactions to the island.
There is a suggestion at PBOT that a traffic bump with a crosswalk on top be installed. Also, the cedar that overhangs the street will be evaluated by the city forester to see if it needs to be removed and replaced further back.
Island beautification:
It is proposed that the bike boulevard on Westwood be abandoned. People who know about the route will use it, but does it need to be designated as a boulevard? Safety concerns were raised in defense of this position.
For: This does provide a safe route for bikes and this is important as the number of cyclists increases.
It is moved that the HNA entertain the idea of being the fiscal agent for donations for the beautification of the Cheltenham island, on the presentation of an agreed upon plan. The motion was seconded. The motion passed: 12 votes in favor, 6 opposed, 12 abstentions

7:45-8:25 Standing Committee Reports

Schools: Michael Reunert

Robert Grey Multicultural Fair: next week –see Hillsdale News

SWNI Multicultural event: April 23 at Multnomah Community Center

Investigating Parks and Recreation funding for new field at Rieke-Wilson

Transportation Issues: Don Baack

Transportation 101: March 31, at the Watershed –Planning department downtown will give a presentation on the history and development of transportation in Portland (7p.m.). There will be additional work and speakers to try to explain how transportation funding happens in the city.

High capacity transit: Metro and the city are all looking at high capacity transit in the Barbur corridor. We want Hillsdale to be a hub on this transportation project. If we want a tunnel leading to Hillsdale, it would change this neighborhood greatly. These are discussions we need to be having as a neighborhood. We also need to discuss what we want it to look like if it doesn’t go underground.

Payment for transportation on arterials has been a big topic of conversation in our neighborhood. Historically, 1/3 of the improvements have been paid by the adjacent property owners. Don proposes that we establish a system for applying for grants and establish a formula for grants and neighborhood/property owner contribution to projects.

Bicycle Parking: Main focus: space between Food Front and Baker and Spice. The primary idea stemmed from the idea of creating a bench area in Hillsdale –it merged with the bike parking issue. Thus, the proposal is designed only to impact existing landscaping, and no parking spaces. There would be a seasonal table with umbrella, covered bench, and incorporates 18 bike parking spaces. The property owner and Food Front have agreed to the proposal.
An objection was raised regarding the use of public money to improve private property.

Land Use Notices & Issues: Glenn Bridger, Wes Risher, or Mikal Apenes
Notice by 25 February: Change of ownership for Korkage. There are parking issues when Korkage is open in the evening.
120 to react: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian church wants to release their two houses from conditional use and be returned to residential use.

Hillsdale Business & Professional Association: Richard Garfinkle
Fund raising for some programs, such as flower baskets, may be discontinued.

The Main Street Program: to revitalize small business in Portland. Up to four neighborhoods will be chosen to receive city money –and the neighborhood would have to raise money in order to receive matching funds. Pledges of $30,000 would have to be raised by May 7, 2010, and the remaining $20,000 (for a total of $50,000) must be raised by Hillsdale in 2011. A letter of intent has to be sent by February 17, and a plan implementer has to be hired. For the $50,000 we raise, the city would give us $72,000. This Hillsdale-City match would continue for three years. This program would allow implementation of a lot of plans that we have had but have only been able to ‘vision.’ Application is due May 7th (we’d commit to it with letter of intent). March agenda will provide 15 minutes for discussion of this issue, led by Richard Garfinkle and Rick Seifert.

Hillsdale Alliance: Glenn Bridger

Hillsdale Foundation: Rick Seifert

Nonprofits: Sheila Greenlaw-Fink

SWNI report: Carolyn Raz or Glenn Bridger
Neighborhood clean ups: Metro has refused to pick up yard debris. The city will go after noxious plants, but not invasive species. Going after invasive plants is too overwhelming. There is increased vandalism around schools, and the school doesn’t want increased lighting because it enables vandals. Due to funding, mobile building rather than permanent buildings will continue to be used.

ODOT: Wes Risher

I-5 at Iowa Street. ODOT will remove invasive plants from the areas that they are disturbing, and 915 trees. ODOT will replanting 2,000 trees and 3,000 shrubs. Wes encourages HNA member to monitor ODOT and also push for the removal of all invasive species, not only those on disturbed areas.

A lot of non-profits are active and have activities that we can participate in. They need our support. Sheila has information on these organizations.

There will be four workshops in the 17 neighborhoods of the SW on solarizing homes. One meeting will be in Hillsdale. A coordinator is needed. Vincent may be interested in this role. Robert Hamilton has information.

Parks: Don Baack Himes Park

Ivy will be sprayed next week. The city will either do or contract for this action.

8:25 New Business, Announcements

8:30 Adjourn

Pending Items: Bylaws Update, Website Updatewww.hillsdalenews.org

For more information on Cheltenham/Pendleton and Terwilliger/Westwood transportation issues see:

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