Robert “Bulldog” Hamilton honored for helping seniors

Robert Hamilton

Photo by Peter DeCrescenzo

Hillsdale neighbors have come to know Robert Hamilton as the diplomatic co-chair of the neighborhood association, but another group of Portlanders have benefited from his leadership in an entirely different way.
For Hamilton’s diligent volunteer work, Elders in Action, the advocacy group for older adults, recently honored Hamilton with the Bob Nelson Award for Volunteer Service.

In announcing the award in October, the agency’s executive director, Vicki Hersen, called Hamilton a “one-of-a-kind advocate.”

She said that as a “Personal Advocate” since 2004, Hamilton has “taken on some of the most complex and troubling cases and has steered them to successful conclusions.”

A press release announcing the award detailed some of Hamilton’s work.

“In the past year, he helped a 65-year-old woman who was being harassed by a predatory bill collector, an 83-year-old disabled woman to set up TriMet Lift service after being denied,  and a 88-year-old woman to get the resources to remain living independently in her home.

“Probably his most notable case was his efforts to assist a 68-year-old man whose specialized service animal of 18 years was killed by a pit bull and he couldn’t afford to get a new one.

“Demonstrating the persistence of a bulldog himself, Robert blanketed the West contacting foundations, media outlets and web services to find his client a new animal.   He ultimately found a terrier in Montana, which he arranged to have delivered. That created a true-life, happily-ever-after story.”

Story republished from The Hillsdale News

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