Transportation subcommittee meeting tonight

I look forward to seeing you at the Watershed Community Room on Wednesday, Jan 12 at 7 PM. Please forward this to anyone else you think would like to attend.

The Agenda for the meeting:

Hillsdale Transportation Committee Meeting Watershed Community Room, access off of causeway on Bertha Court January 12, 2011, 7 PM


Approve Agenda

Update Reports:

  • Sidewalk Progress
  • Bike Boulevards

Action needed:

  • Continuing Support of bridge safety improvements on Barbur (now being studied by ODOT and others)
  • Continuing Support of coordinated land use and transportation planning of Barbur (now being initiated by Metro and others)
  • Request for city analysis of Capitol Highway / Bertha Bridge repair project to identify city standards that allow for extended restriction/closure of key pedestrian facility in Town Center with no acceptable detour facilities, and city’s long term strategy for correcting seismic deficiency of bridge.

Developmental work needed:

  • Hillsdale Transportation Plan



To put into perspective the kinds of things we can do in the days and years to come, we have compiled a list of transportation changes over the past 15 years. Take a look at the types of activities where we can have an impact.

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