Minutes January 5, 2011

Don Baack

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association
January 5, 2011   Location: St. Barnabus

Action Item resolved from December 1 Meeting — Bylaws Revisions

Motion to amend and accept the Bylaws Review Committee changes (motion passed).

Action Item this meeting:  It is moved and seconded to send a letter supporting the Robert Gray PTA’s request for permits to build a safe route to school along the SW 25th Avenue connection from SW Bertha Blv (west) and SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway.  The motion passed unanimously. 


6:00 p.m. 

B O A R D MEETING (Committee Chairs Attendance Requested!)

  • Review Revised Bylaws/Responsibilities of Board
  • Discuss HNA Committee Goals 2011

7:00 p.m. 

Opening & approval of agenda:  7 minutes; self-introductions:  It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda.  The motion passed unanimously. 

Approval of previous meeting minutes:  3 minutes (December 2010)  It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes. The motion passed unanimously.

7:10 p.m.  NEW** Portland Plan Update – Joan Frederiksen, Ptld. Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. 

  • Portland Plan is Portland’s effort to create a 25 year strategic plan to face the issues and opportunities we’ll be facing in the next 25 years.  Portland Plan is working with 15 partners –like schools, county, Trimet, etc.
    • Phase 1:  Fall 2009 –information to public.  There were workshops.
    • Phase2: Spring 2010 –directives were established with workshops, to plan for the nine areas that the Portland Plan covers.  Information was taken in to involve people in planning and help them understand the directions that we are taking.
    • Top priorities
      • More living wage jobs
      • Raising the bar on education –quality and graduation
      • Maintaining the quality of the infrastructure we already have before starting new projects
      • Protecting the Watershed
    • Phase 3  four strategies
      • Equity –social and geographic
      • Economic opportunity and
      • Education and skill development
      • Healthy community
    • February – Community education
    • March – Four community fairs with work sessions for the four strategies.
    • Draft of the Portland plan –hoped for in the summer –with adoption by the city council by the end of the year.
    • Comprehensive plan – should be ready in about two or three years.
  • Buildable Lands Inventory.  The Buildable Lands Inventory and the research are the data the Portland Plan uses.  Land is evaluated according to zoning and land challenges –e.g. infrastructure that is present or absent, stability of land, etc.   As of yet, there are no proposed zoning changes, but that can and will happen.  The planning and sustainability commission has been having hearings about inventory, maps, data, and background reports.  The city has enough buildable land in existing zoning to meet the 2035 forecast for residential use and business.   There is a shortfall in industrial and institutional land.  At the December meeting the commission voted to accept the buildable lands inventory maps and the reports of the plan.  More information on jobs and air quality was requested, and more briefings should be available in March.  The neighborhoods have given voice to desiring more input, so input is solicited and encouraged. 
  • Citywide tree project goes to council February 2.
  • Central City 2035 plan is underway –looks at the central city in a series of quadrants, considering urban design and other factors.
  • Barbur corridor concept plan seems ready to move forward.    

7:30 p.m. 

HNA Committee Reports (2-5 minutes; verbal or written)

  • SWNI:  Carolyn Raz –no report this month
  • Schools Committee: Michael Reunert.  PPS board voted to pursue the $550 million bond measure.  Very little money will come to our area.  However, given the growth at Rieke, a request was made that kitchen, cafeteria and bathroom facilities be expanded.  Rieke has a ‘green team’.  Robert Gray is looking for Sun Program volunteers.  The PTA meeting is Tuesday for both Gray and Rieke.  Tuesday 11 January also has a fundraiser for Robert Gray, but the restaurant must be informed that you are there for that reason.  At Wilson $4500 was raised for fine arts, and currently, Wilson is trying to raise money for band instruments.  Foot Front is taking monetary donations for Wilson.  Writing in schools program –Feb 7th, Annie Blooms books –Wilson students will be reading. 
  • Transportation Committee:  Glenn Bridger.  Transportation committee will meet Wednesday, 12 Jan from 7 to 9 PM at the Watershed.  Notes will be sent to committee members, and it will be posted on the HNA website.  Capital highway, from Multnomah Village to I-5 is under an improvement project including sidewalks.  It costs $20 million, and half of the project is to take care of storm water.  BES is also giving some money to improve Multnomah Boulevard, an area that needs improvement.  That means that more money will probably be spent in Multnomah that in the whole rest of Southwest combined. 
  • SW Trails: Don Baack.  It is moved and seconded to send a letter supporting the Robert Gray PTA’s request for permits to build a safe route to school along the SW 25th Avenue connection from SW Bertha Blv (west) and SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway.  The motion passed unanimously. 
  • Land Use Notices & Issues:  Duane Hunting, Mikal Apenes.  No land action notifications received.
  • Parks:  Dan Jenkins.  There will be spraying for Ivy in Himes park during January and February.
  • Hillsdale Business & Professional Association:  Richard Garfinkle, Rick Seifert
  • Hillsdale Alliance:  Glenn Bridger.  Quarterly meeting:  Thursday Jan 13th from 8 to 9 PM at the Watershed.  Discussion on the school bond issues, the relationship between Main Street, HNA, and the Alliance.
  • Hillsdale Main Street: Jim Stutts and Susan Poisner.  A year ago there as an 8 person foundation board.  Now, there are 11 on the board of Main Street and 77 volunteers.  Catlin Gable and Wilson have also offered a number of volunteers and interns.  The launch event will be hosted by Key Bank on Thursday Feb 10 –6 to 8 PM.  There will be an article in the SWNI in February.   –The vision statement has been adopted.    Work Plan Development workshops on Jan 18th and 19th
    • Vision Statement:  It is 2015 and Hillsdale thrives as a commercial district with a wonderful range of service, retail, dining, and entertainment destinations.  Hillsdale’s commitment to sustainability provides a growing number of resource conservation efforts and a pedestrian and bike friendly environment.    The 1950’s buildings are refreshed and public areas and enhanced landscaping dress up the business district, making the area an enticing place to linger in the shops, walkways and plazas.  Hillsdale is full of energy and lively interaction among friends and neighbors.  Our locally owned businesses are economically viable and offer a personal small town experience.  Hillsdale is a full service town center for the adjoining neighborhoods, and attracts people from near and far for events, festivals and an increasing number of destination businesses.  
  • Hillsdale Terrace CAC: Robert Hamilton.  Nothing to Report. 

8:15 p.m.  Business Meeting

  • HNA Website Discussion (5 minutes)  We will try very hard to make the website the primary means of communication. 
  • Hillsdale Park – Dog park.  Considerable work has been done to clear ivy and put bark chips down on trails.  Water from seepage and springs is the biggest issues.  Swales have been installed, but the city just asked that all work stop.  The city was going to design a plan and grants were secured, but the city’s decision has brought that to halt. 
  • Discussion: Proposed Support for Metro Grant Application
    Robert Gray Middle School: Environmental Improvements

8:45 p.m.  New Business, Announcements

  • Alba Osteria restaurant is closed.  But the pasta will still be available, and some other things, at the café. 
  • Doug, who used to live under the Capitol Highway Bridge, died of pneumonia December 22. 
  • February, the city will consider changes for hours for dog parks. 

9:00 p.m.  Adjourn: It was moved and seconded to adjourn.  The motion passed.

Feb. 10, Main Street Initiative Launch Party at Key Bank! 6-8pm 

Respectfully submitted,

Philippe Kreiter
Secretary, Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

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