Recap of landslide prevention meeting

Six members of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Emergency Team attended the Landslide Risk Reduction program at OHSU on February8. An enormous amount of information was presented, and we will try to write up something soon to send out to the email group. (To join our email list, see contact information below.) Two things from the presentation were especially interesting to me. Do you remember the City campaign to “Disconnect the Downspout?” As it turns out, that applies only to the east side of the City! Water and slopes do not mix. So instead of draining water onto property in Southwest Portland, we should make sure it is draining into the storm sewers.

Another interesting item was that the State is busily developing landslide maps. Some of the maps showing landslide history in the area have already been published. Within a year or two, landslide maps showing the likelihood of future landslides will be published. This should be very helpful to our preparedness efforts.

On a completely different topic, we still need 15 more Facebook fans for the Hillsdale NET Facebook page! We need a total of at least 25 fans in order to get our own url. Thank you, “Friends!” 

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