Southwest Portland Tool Library organizational meeting

Organizational Meeting for the SW Portland Tool Library Tuesday, April 19th, 7 PM, at the Hillsdale Library.

Background information:

Tool libraries are set up similar to libraries where people check out books and media. The only difference is we check out tools instead of books. The first ones started in Columbus OH (1976) and Berkeley CA (1979). There are approximately 20 tool libraries in the Us. Portland,has one in North, NE, and SE. Most are volunteer run and are self supporting through fund raising and grants. They are run under a non profit or they form as an independent  non profit. Some charge a yearly fee, others don't have any fees, other than late fees. The NE Portland Tool Library charges $1 per tool per week overdue. They have 1700 members and 2000 tools. They bring in $250 per month which pays their rent at Redeemer Lutheran Church. Some of the tool libraries even do basic tool classes. SW Portland Tool Library is looking for a non profit that it could be part of, a physical location  600 – 1000 sq feet,  a building with electricity, lights (shop lights) , heat, and an outside door. We would need to attach tool hangers to the walls and hang shop lights if lights are not provided. Cement flooring would be preferred. So far we have 300 tools and a database donated from the NE Portland Tool Library and an older donated computer. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact: Honey O'Connor SW Portland Tool Library

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