Minutes April 6, 2011

Photo by Peter J. DeCrescenzo

April 6, 2011
The Watershed at Hillsdale

Action Items
A motion was made by Don Baack and seconded: “The Hillsdale Neighborhood Association requests that Portland Parks and Recreation make the Stephens Creek Park trail compliant with standards of the Americans With Disabilities Act.” The motion was discussed and passed by a vote of 12 in favor and one opposed.

A motion was made by Richard Stein and seconded: “The Hillsdale Neighborhood Association members support the restoration of view corridors within Terwilliger Parkway through the removal of selected trees and brush to enhance the Parkway, in light of and in time for the Centennial celebration of the Parkway in 2012.  Commissioner of Parks Nick Fish will be informed of our support by the HNA Co-Chairs.” The motion was discussed and passed unanimously.

A motion was made by Don Baack and seconded: “The Hillsdale Neighborhood Association supports the long-term funding for Capitol Highway improvement provided that it is financially supported by the adjacent property owners.” The motion was discussed and passed unanimously.

A motion was made by Arnold Panitch and seconded: “Whereas the Tri-Met transit garbage can at Stop #963, corner of SW Capitol Highway and SW Nebraska, is not now maintained. And whereas Capitol Coffee Shop and Caffe Autogrill are now closed and no one is cleaning said garbage can. And whereas Arnold Panitch, a Capitol Highway resident, is willing to keep the can cleaned and new 45-gallon bags installed on a timely basis. And whereas Tri-Met will remove an untended can. And whereas Mr. Panitch has been training other residents in his absence in the fine art of garbage-can cleaning. Therefore, be it resolved that Arnold Panitch is designated by the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association as its Stop #963 Tri-Met garbage can cleaner.” The motion was discussed and passed unanimously.


6:00 p.m.
Board Meeting

7:05 p.m.
General Meeting
Co-Chair Sheila Greenlaw-Fink opened the meeting. After self-introductions and approval of the agenda, it was asked if everyone agreed to a release of any photos taken during the meeting by Peter J. DeCrescenzo. There were no objections.
Committee Reports
Parks Updates and Issues
Allison Rouse, a parks designer for Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R), gave a presentation about the proposed design of Stephens Creek Park. PP&R plans to maintain the park and make trail improvements. Some trails would be removed and others realigned to create a 500’ long trail with a soft walking surface in accordance with the 2005 trail plan. Non-native trees will be removed and the area replanted with native species at an estimated cost of $46,000, to be paid by Metro from a 2006 bond measure. The speaker was reminded that the original plan from the 1990’s was to make the trail ADA accessible. Don Baack moved to ask PP&R to make the trail ADA compliant. The motion was seconded and passed 12 to 1 in favor. The plan can be viewed on the PP&R website. Arnie Panitch requested a Raz/Baack Crossing sign be placed at each end of the trail.
Richard Stein of Friends of Terwilliger, gave a presentation about the vegetation that has obscured the views from the Parkway. He requested that HNA support his group’s efforts to restore the views in time for the Terwilliger Parkway Centennial celebration July 20-22, 2012. The City has identified 22 viewpoints along Terwilliger. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously for HNA to support the restoration of the views.
Police Report
Fortunately, it’s been rather quiet in our area. There have been some car prowls on Dosch Road. The police are keeping a close eye on the Vermont/Capitol Highway area after reports of seven pedestrian robberies in recent months, though there have been no reports in the last month or so. The incidents involved pedestrians accosted by young men at all hours of the day and night.
Main Street Update and Next Steps
The new Main Street Executive Director, Megan Braunsten, lives in Hillsdale and has experience with Main Street programs. The program’s first major event will be SpringFest on Sunday, May 1, and coincides with the weekly season opening of the Hillsdale Farmers’ Market, and a festival at Rieke Elementary School. On July 28, there will be a movie in DeWitt Park.
Jim Stutts and Michael Reunert displayed an artist’s rendering of the proposed improvements along Capitol Highway through Hillsdale that include the enlargement of the sidewalk planters from 4′ to 8′ with new trees and native plants. These planters will provide storm water mitigation and will be funded by the Hillsdale Alliance in lieu of the flower baskets that require daily watering. Also proposed is a covered area by Baker and Spice for outdoor eating. Don Baack moved that HNA support long-term funding for Capitol Highway improvement, provided it is financially supported by the adjacent property owners. The motion passed unanimously. 
SWNI Report
Carolyn Raz reported on some of SWNI’s goals and achievements for the year, including significant participation in community events.
Transportation Report
Glenn Bridger announced an important meeting on Tuesday, April 12, at the Watershed at 7:00 pm.  There will be discussion on ways to make Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway and Barbur Boulevard safer for pedestrians with crosswalks and sidewalks. There will be discussion about sidewalks along Capitol Highway, Sunset to 18th, SW Huber Street, Multnomah Boulevard between Barbur and Multnomah Village, SW Spring Garden, and SW Vermont Street. If only one project for sidewalks is funded, HNA voted, in a non-binding informal vote, to fund Capitol Highway (12 votes) over Multnomah Blvd (5 votes).
The Committee is working on a traffic signal at SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway at 62nd by the Cedar Sinai facility. There has been a pedestrian fatality at that location.

Report by Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman
The Commissioner is a Hillsdale resident. He came to give an overview of current issues facing City Council:
    1.  Finalizing tree regulations to preserve and add to the tree canopy.
    2.  Adopting the budget by mid-June.
    3.  Creating a program to get children, who’ve aged out of foster care, into housing and educational programs. A feasibility study is the first stage of such a program.
    4.  Work on funding the Main Street program continues, and looks most favorable.

New Business and Announcements
Garbage Can at SW Capitol Highway and Nebraska: Arnie Panitch
Arnie reported on the overflowing trash container at the Tri-Met stop in front of the former Caffe Autogrill. The restaurant used to maintain the container but since their closure, trash has accumulated and Tri-Met will not service it. Arnie moved to designate himself as the maintainer of trash container. Seconded by Duane Hunting. Motion unanimously passed.
Proposed Tool Library
There will be a meeting on April 19 at 7:00 p.m. at the Hillsdale Library to discuss the possibility of a tool library. Interested parties are encouraged to attend.
Community Garden Spot at Greater Portland Bible Church
Rick Meigs of the Greater Portland Bible Church announced that the church has space and will welcome the use of their property for a community garden.
Proposed Community Garage Sale
Robert Hamilton received a letter from a Hillsdale neighbor suggesting a community garage sale with the proceeds going to HNA. Wes Risher knows someone who has done this and he will put the neighbor in touch with that person.
Graffiti Solution for Wall at SW Terwilliger and Capitol Highway
Angelina Marino introduced herself as a muralist who is offering to paint a mural on the embankment wall at Terwilliger and Capitol Highway, which is an eyesore due to graffiti taggers. She has the support of Friends of Terwilliger for the project and asked that HNA provide a letter of support to Friends of Terwilliger endorsing the project. Robert Hamilton will draft the letter.

The motion to adjourn was seconded and unanimously passed at 9:15 p.m.

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