Agenda June 1, 2011

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association
June 1, 2011  
Location: St. Barnabus (2201 SW Vermont)

Note: Board Meeting at 6pm
May’s Action Items:
  • 2011-5-1: A motion was made by Don Baack and seconded by Glenn Bridger that the HNA write a letter requesting that the city maintain appropriate setbacks from the disputed 10 foot right of way for the new house being proposed on Fairmount Boulevard, in order to provide a possible future pedestrian trail on disputed current right of way. The motion passed unanimously.
  • 2011-5-2: It was moved and seconded that HNA write a letter saying it does not support granting the height variance for the new house being proposed on Fairmont Boulevard, in order to protect the look and feel of the neighborhood. The motion passed with seven voting in favor, and four voting against.
  • 2011-5-3: It was moved and seconded that the Angelina Marino mural be supported by the HNA. The motion passed unanimously.
  • 2011-5-4: Glenn Bridger moved that the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association direct Co-Chair Robert Hamilton to send a letter of support regarding CPAH’s application for a Meyer Memorial Trust grant to assist with the completion of construction of the remaining commercial space at the Watershed in Hillsdale for nonprofit organization and community meeting purposes. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


7:00 p.m.         Opening & approval of agenda:  7 minutes; self-introductions
Approval of previous meeting minutes:  3 minutes (May 2011)
7:10  p.m.       HNA Committee Reports (2-5 minutes; verbal or written)
  • Parks:  Dan Jenkins
  • SWNI:  Carolyn Raz
  • Schools Committee: Michael Reunert
  • Transportation Committee:  Glenn Bridger   
  • SW Trails: Don Baack
  • Land Use Notices & Issues:  Duane Hunting, Mikal Apenes
  • Hillsdale Business & Professional Association:  Richard Garfinkle, Rick Seifert
  • Hillsdale Alliance:  Glenn Bridger
  • Hillsdale Main Street : Jim Stutts
  • Neighborhood Emergency Teams, John Morris (when updates are needed)
7:50 p.m.         City of Portland Tree Code
Overview with City staff of Portland’s new tree code, with Q&A
8:15 p.m.         Nominating Committee
  • SWNI Volunteer Recognition on 6/28, 7pm (HNA Nomination)
  • Nominations and Elections of Board and Officers
  • Updating SWNI Voting Reps for Committees
    • SW Trails: Steve Evans, Katura Pennington, Glenn Bridger, Pete Schmeirbach, Don Baack
    • Transportation: Wes Risher; Don Baack; Hunter Graham; and Robert Hamilton
8:30 p.m.         New Business, Announcements
Megan Crutchfield, Le Monde Immersion, Update on Charter School Proposal
Other new business and announcements
9:00 p.m.         Adjourn
Announcements and Future Potential Action Items
  • Support the Schools Letter on Crossing Safety at Bertha and Vermont: Rieke PTA
  • Further discussion on role of property owner assessments related to sidewalk construction: Transportation Committee / Wes Risher
  • Report on Fred Meyer landscape work at former Hollywood Video location

SW Town Hall Meeting, Monday, May 23rd, 7-9 pm at St. Barnabus
Presented by C.A.R.S.A. (Community Action to Reduce Substance Abuse) and P.A.C.T. (Positive Action Concerning Teens)–Join to discuss ways to improve the southwest neighborhood, including school climate, school infractions, underage drinking, marijuana use, social hosting, and health and wellness goals at Wilson High School. For more info:  Rosemary Schwimmer at 503-244-5211.

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