Agenda July 6, 2011

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association
July 6, 2011  
Location: St. Barnabus (2201 SW Vermont)

June's Action Items:

2011-6-1:  Election of Officers and Board Members
Michael Reunert nominated Mikal Apenes as President of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association.  The motion was seconded.  Without discussion, Mikal Apenes was unanimous elected as President for the two-year term beginning July 1, 2011.  Duane Hunting was re-elected Vice President.  Lynn Rossing, Peter J. De Crescenzo, Aloha Wyse, and Sheila Greenlaw-Fink were elected to the HNA board.

2011-6-2:  Michael Reunert Elected HNA Volunteer of the Year
Arnold Panitch nominated Michael Reunert as the HNA Volunteer of the Year.  The motion was seconded.  Without discussion, Michael Reunert was unanimously elected.  He will receive his award on June 28 at the Multnomah Arts Center at 7 p.m..

2011-6-3: SWNI Motion
Co-Chair Robert Hamilton requested that an HNA member propose the following motion, which was made and seconded.  "The Hillsdale Neighborhood Association congratulates Marianne Fitzgerald upon her election as President of the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. and look forward to working with her, Vice President Jim McLaughlin, and the various SWNI committees through our HNA representatives.  Given this new change of leadership, we call upon all SWNI officers and committee members to demonstrate civility and respect for one another during their meetings and in their email to one another as well as to SWNI coalition members.  Likewise, HNA committee representatives and members pledge, in a reciprocal manner, to show respect for the perspectives and opinions of all who participate in SWNI meetings and discussions."  The motion failed, seven votes opposed and one in favor. 


7:00 p.m.   
Opening & approval of agenda:  7 minutes; self-introductions
Approval of previous meeting minutes:  3 minutes (June 2011)

7:10  p.m.   
Home Forward (Formerly HAP), Update on Hillsdale Terrace Pamela Kambur

7:30 p.m. 
City of Portland, Barbur Concept Plan (inter-jurisdictional land use and transportation planning around high capacity transit) Joan Frederiksen, City of Portland, West District Planner

7:45  p.m.   
HNA Committee Reports (2-5 minutes except Parks; verbal or written)
Parks:  Dan Jenkins
Guest: Autumn Montegna, Urban Forestry Outreach Coordinator
Portland Parks and Recreation, Tree Stewards Program
SWNI:  Carolyn Raz
Schools Committee: Michael Reunert
Transportation Committee:  Glenn Bridger   
SW Trails: Don Baack
Land Use Notices & Issues:  Duane Hunting, Mikal Apenes
Hillsdale Business & Professional Association:  Richard Garfinkle, Rick Seifert
Hillsdale Alliance:  Glenn Bridger
Hillsdale Main Street : Jim Stutts
Neighborhood Emergency Teams, John Morris (when updates are needed)

8:45 p.m.   Update on Terwilliger Mural  Robert Hamilton

8:55 p.m. New Business or Announcements

9:00 p.m.   Adjourn

NO HNA MEETING IN AUGUST; Join us at The Watershed on August 2 for National Night Out
NEXT HNA MEETING: September 7, 2011, Harvest Potluck, 6pm at The Watershed

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