Minutes June 1, 2011

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Minutes
June 1, 2011
St. Barnabus Episcopal Church

Board Meeting on June 1, 2011, at 6 p.m.

Action Items

2011-6-1: Election of Officers and Board Members
Michael Reunert nominated Mikal Apenes as President of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association. The motion was seconded. Without discussion, Mikal Apenes was unanimous elected as President for the two-year term beginning July 1, 2011. Duane Hunting was re-elected Vice President. Lynn Rossing, Peter J. De Crescenzo, Aloha Wyse, and Sheila Greenlaw-Fink were elected to the HNA board.

2011-6-2: Michael Reunert Elected HNA Volunteer of the Year
Arnold Panitch nominated Michael Reunert as the HNA Volunteer of the Year. The motion was seconded. Without discussion, Michael Reunert was unanimously elected. He will receive his award on June 28 at the Multnomah Arts Center at 7 p.m..

2011-6-3: SWNI Motion
Co-Chair Robert Hamilton requested that an HNA member propose the following motion, which was made and seconded. “The Hillsdale Neighborhood Association congratulates Marianne Fitzgerald upon her election as President of the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. and look forward to working with her, Vice President Jim McLaughlin, and the various SWNI committees through our HNA representatives. Given this new change of leadership, we call upon all SWNI officers and committee members to demonstrate civility and respect for one another during their meetings and in their email to one another as well as to SWNI coalition members. Likewise, HNA committee representatives and members pledge, in a reciprocal manner, to show respect for the perspectives and opinions of all who participate in SWNI meetings and discussions.” The motion failed, seven votes opposed and one in favor.


Today’s agenda and the meeting minutes of May 4 were approved.

Home Forward (formerly Housing Authority of Portland) and Hillsdale Terrace
Michael Andrews of Home Forward announced that the agency received an $18.5 million HOPE VI Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban development to implement a comprehensive redevelopment of the Hillsdale Terrace public housing property located in Multnomah Village. He and other Home Forward representatives will make a longer presentation at the July 6 HNA meeting to discuss their partnership with Habitat for Humanity, the relocation of residents, and the planned start of construction during the first quarter of 2012.

Committee Reports

Dan Jenkins reported that construction in Stephens Creek Park will begin in the autumn. Members are to contact him if they are interested in becoming Tree Stewards.

Glenn Bridger announced that SWNI President Brian Russell will be moving out of state. Marianne Fitzgerald has been elected by the SWNI board as the new President and Jim McLaughlin was elected Vice President. Co-Chair Robert Hamilton asked a member to propose a motion which Robert had prepared (see Action Items above) congratulating the two on their election but also requesting civility in meetings and email among officers and coalition representatives to SWNI committees. Members disagreed with the motion, which was seconded, combining two different matters and defeated it seven votes to one.

Glenn Bridger reported on the Sunset sidewalk project and the construction of a sidewalk from the Safeway store to the Fred Meyer Burlingame store on the north side of Barbur Boulevard. Arnold Panitch reported on progress in the repair of the Capitol Highway bridge, as well as noting that Tri-Met will increase fares by five cents in September but also add more buses to Line 12.

Michael Reunert reported the failure of the school bond at the May election but passage of the school levy, thus saving the jobs of hundreds of teachers. Rieke Elementary School will lose one-half of a teaching position. The school has also raised $33,000 in donations, but there will be larger class sizes. Wilson High School, which had 12 senior valedictorians, will lose five teachers; contact Valeurie Friedman if you can donate a couch for the teachers’ lounge. At Robert Gray Middle School, four students won state-wide honors in poetry.

Land Use Notices
Duane Hunting reported that the variance request by the owners of the Fairmount property is still being deliberated.

Susan Fadling expressed concern that the notice regarding the proposed location of Sasquatch Brewery was distributed to very few homes adjacent to or near it; at the site of the former Alba Osteria and Enoteca on Capital Highway. She said there were errors in the notice itself and that she and others approve of a restaurant but not a brewery for several reasons. Tom Sims of Sasquatch Brewery, who appeared at the May HNA meeting, was present again to answer questions about the impact which the proposed business might have. He and Ms. Fadling agreed to continue discussing her and other neighborhood concerns in order to resolve them through a Good Neighbor Agreement.

Robert Hamilton asked several members to join him, muralist Angelina Marino, and the Friends of Terwilliger to discuss how to deal with graffiti removal long-term if a mural is funded for the wall at the intersection of Terwilliger Boulevard and Capitol Highway. Robert will start with an email to recruit suggestions and to determine if a meeting is necessary.

Hillsdale Business & Professional Association
The annual pancake breakfast will be held on Sunday, July 31. Rick Seifert reported on a new demographic study of the “Hillsdale Trade Area” (20,000 people) which helps businesses understand “who we are.” He is soliciting books for the annual sale, to be held July 31 at The Watershed.

Hillsdale Tool Library
Honey O’Connor reported continued progress on efforts to establish a Hillsdale Tool Library, but a site of 600 to 1,000 square feet is still needed for housing tools and offering classes and educational material. The service territory will be that of the SWNI coalition boundary; 400 tools have already been pledged.

City of Portland Tree Code
Roberta Jortner and Morgan Tracy described the city’s efforts to consolidate all of the various regulations relating to trees within Portland and plans to launch the new code by 2013 for residences and businesses. Mikal Apenes said that Friends of Trees recently planted 73 new trees in Hillsdale. The city wants to increase the tree canopy from 26% to 33%.

Main Street
Megan Braunsten, executive director, reported on the forthcoming visit of consultants hired by the National Historic Trust to help the five Main Street committees move forward with action plans. She listed a wide variety of activities being undertaken which are described in greater detail at the Web site.

Volunteer of the Year
Michael Reunert was the unanimous choice of the members to be the HNA Volunteer of the Year (see Action Items).

Officer and Board Member Elections
See Action Items above. Mikal Apenes was elected as the new President of the HNA. Lynn Rossing, Aloha Wyse, Sheila Greenlaw-Fink, Duane Hunting, and Peter J. De Crescenzo were elected to serve as board members.

New Business Announcements
Dory Hobbs reported on plans for a French-immersion pre-school (Atlas School) and Le Monde Immersion, a charter school organized by Megan Crutchfield, for the Southwest.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

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