Minutes July 6, 2011

July 6, 2011 
St. Barnabas Church
7:00 p.m.
General Meeting
The meeting was opened and self-introductions were made. There were no changes to the meeting agenda. It was moved and seconded to approve the June 2011 minutes and the motion passed unanimously.
Home Forward (formerly HAP) Presentation
Home Forward unable to attend this meeting. HNA received a memo dated 7/1/11 from Pamela Kambur, Community Relations Manager, providing the following updates:
1. A full relocation team will be at Hillsdale Terrace this summer to provide residents with counseling and relocation services.
2. All are invited to a Community Advisory Committee meeting on July 21st at 5:45 p.m. (light dinner at 5:30) in the basement of Hillsdale Community Church.
3. Community design workshops will begin again in September.
Barbur Concept Plan
Morgan Tracy, City of Portland Planner from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, presented. The BCP is an 18-month inter-jurisdictional land use and transportation planning process to create a vision for Barbur Boulevard (including Tigard, Tualatin, King City, Sherwood, etc.) as part of Metro’s Southwest Corridor Plan. The goal is to connect major areas of housing, employment, business, recreation, and more. Various modes of transit, different alignment alternatives (such as a tunnel under OHSU), affordable housing, pedestrian and bike trails, water lines, environmental issues, and more, will be considered. Metro will take an unconventional approach to this analysis by first asking where it makes sense to connect places, and then creating those connections. The City will work closely with neighborhoods and other groups throughout the process. After 18 months, Metro will choose two or three projects to begin in 2013 and complete around 2025.
A Community Working Group will meet about once a month starting September or October. BPS will seek 14-20 representatives from the ten neighborhoods that border Barbur, and will include members representing a broad range of interests, such as business, residents, youth, cyclists, land use, health, disabilities, elders, education, and the environment. To volunteer, contact Jay (Signet?) at 503-823-7815. There will be two walking tours in September, and three open houses throughout the process. The project website and flyer will be furnished to neighborhood associations when available.
Discussion included the following points. Zoning changes will be proposed after the transportation decisions have been made. The need for sidewalks is greater in SW than in other parts of the City. Changes to Barbur will affect Capitol Highway, so the Main Street project may want to be involved. The Seattle light rail may be a model to consider, because it is based on people and community, rather than buildings, businesses, and vehicles. The Atlanta beltline project may provide a useful model; it uses centers of activity to guide transit alignment.
Tree Stewards Program
Autumn Montegna, Urban Forestry Outreach Coordinator with Portland Parks and Recreation, presented. Neighborhood Tree Steward training is being offered this fall, starting the end of September on Tuesday evenings and Saturdays. Tree Stewards are local advocates for trees, and roles vary from organizing large projects such as tree plantings, or smaller projects such as a neighborhood walk. The cost of training is $45, but there are scholarships and neighborhood discounts. It was suggested that a Main Street representative should do this training. Other ideas include helping neighbors prune trees, and presentations at schools. PP&R also offers a variety of Tree Steward workshops. To register, contact Autumn Montegna at 503-701-7622 or trees@portlandoregon.gov.
Committee Reports
Carolyn Raz said the Board met on 6/22/11 and heard from the City on the Barbur Concept Plan (see above). SWNI has supplies that neighborhood groups may borrow for block parties, National Night Out events, ice cream socials, etc., including flatware, plates, tents, and tables. Hillsdale’s Action Plan must be submitted to SWNI by August. SWNI would like a representative from each Neighborhood Association on each SWNI standing committee: Crime Prevention, Parks, Land Use, Transportation, Schools, and Trails. Keturah Pennington volunteered to represent Hillsdale on the SWNI Crime Prevention Committee.
Glenn Bridger presented. He noted that Sunset Magazine ranked the Hillsdale Farmers’ Market as #4 in the West, recognizing the fact that it is a true neighborhood market. The Committee has pushed for changes to Barbur for a long time, and Glenn cautioned neighborhood activists to not wait for all the zoning changes for action on improvements to begin. In the next phase of construction on Multnomah Boulevard, the ramps between Multnomah Boulevard and I-5 will be closed for about six weeks, between about October 1 and November 15. The detour designed by the contractor must be approved by the City. Construction vehicle traffic from the Multnomah Boulevard project will affect Hillsdale. An emergency repair to a retaining wall will close Sam Jackson Parkway between downtown and the main OHSU entrance for several weeks this summer. Drivers looking for alternative routes could affect traffic in Hillsdale. The City is now evaluating costs and alternatives for sidewalk projects, in order to find the most effective use of its resources. It is rumored that the Fred Meyer’s remodel schedule has slipped from September to October.
Hillsdale Business and Professional Alliance
Rick Seifert reported that the Book Sale needs volunteers to sort the 4000 books that were donated the last two Sundays at the Hillsdale Farmers’ Market. Food Front has expanded its veranda. Main Street experts have presented their reports. Some Hillsdale businesses are staying open late on Third Thursdays.
Hillsdale Alliance
The Alliance is a working group of people active in Hillsdale and is an “organization of organizations.” It meets every three months and all are welcome. July’s meeting has been changed to the 20th and will be held at the Watershed from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. It was noted that the Allliance has generated much positive action in the community, including the Hillsdale Foundation, the Hillsdale Main Street project, the Hillsdale News, and participation on SWNI committees.
Hillsdale Neighborhood Emergency Team
Lynn Rossing reported that the next NET meeting is on Saturday, July 23rd at 3:00 p.m. at Fire Station 5, and all are invited to learn more about team emergency supplies and the Incident Command System. Rick noted that if trees go down in our area, they could cause significant problems and suggested that Neighborhood Tree Stewards could help mitigate damage by promoting healthy trees. ACTION ITEM: Keturah will give Robert the contact information for Neighborhood Tree Stewards, for Robert to put on the HNA website.
Update on Terwilliger Mural
Robert received no responses to his email to Friends of Terwilliger and HNA about the project, and will contact Angelina to see if she got any. There are two possible issues: the variety of opinions about the content of the mural itself, and who will be responsible for perpetual graffiti removal.
A discussion about graffiti followed. Graffiti has recently appeared on a telephone junction box and on Reike School. Rick put a sign on the junction box, “thank you for not vandalizing our neighborhood”, and suggested that HNA might like to sponsor similar signs. ACTION ITEM: Robert will check to see if this is allowed. ACTION ITEM: Rick will talk to Marcia Dennis about graffiti. Other ideas to respond to graffiti include a tagging day, tagging contest, adding embellishments to graffiti to acknowledge its artistry, and covering junction boxes with camouflage paint. It was suggested that taggers’ motivations should be examined, because graffiti can be seen as a symptom of a larger social problem.
New Business
Dory Hobbs from Le Monde Immersion School reported that her group is turning in its charter application to Portland Public Schools next week. In the coming school year they will operate a fee-based inaugural kindergarten program at the Christian Science Church on Vermont Street. The property will need to be re-zoned when it becomes a public school, hopefully in 2012. Dory seeks support of the HNA, which would help support the school on its charter application. The Chair defers on this decision, and the item will be on the agenda in September. Dory will put together a simple draft motion to bring to the September meeting.
NO HNA MEETING IN AUGUST; Join us at The Watershed on August 2 for National Night Out.
NEXT HNA MEETING: Harvest Potluck, September 7, 2011, 6pm at The Watershed.
Glenn moved to adjourn. Keturah seconded. All approved. Adjourned 8:40 p.m.

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