Minutes August 9, 2011


Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Emergendy Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2011

The Watershed


6:00 p.m

Emergency meeting opened and self-introductions were made.  Comments on the proposed development are due on 8/18/11, which is why this emergency meeting was called. HNA does not normally meet during the month of August. Three representatives from Chase Bank attended, as well as approximately 25-30 neighborhood residents and business owners.

Chase representatives made a number of points during the discussion:

·        Since acquiring Washington Mutual two years ago, Chase has been “under-branched” in the area, according to their maps.

·        The landowner has tried to get this property developed for years, but failed.

·        The proposed building design conforms to Portland zoning code, and they have included some extra landscaping that was not required, as well as a pedestrian plaza and bike racks.

·        60% of customers choose a bank by physical location

·        Chase will not abandon its Fred Meyer Burlingame branch

·        Chase plans to spend between $175 and $200 per square foot on the building.

·        The ground lease is for 20 years, with five-year extension options after that

·        Chase representatives just heard about the second story option on Friday, and will be looking into it.

Other points of discussion:

·        The Town Center plan calls for 50% minimum coverage of the lot. The proposed development covers less than 50% of the lot, and includes 21 parking spaces.

·        Why another brick and mortar bank, when the trend is toward online banking, and when another chase branch is less than a mile away, and when three other banks are already represented in Hillsdale, two of which are part of multi-tenant buildings?

·        The neighborhood desires a multi-tenant building

·        Can the comment period be extended? Only if requested by the applicant; HNA cannot do this.

·        One car entrance curb cut, rather than the proposed two, would be preferred by the neighborhood.

·        The proposed landscaping does not promote pedestrian connectivity, but rather puts everyone on the sidewalk, with multiple driveways.

·        A community gathering space, available for use off hours, should be included as part of the proposed building. Umpqua Bank does this in South Waterfront.

·        Would Chase consider using the Richard Brown building design?

·        HNA needs more time to adequately address the issues.

·        Chase should be responsible for any snow removal needed for pedestrian access.

·        A drinking fountain and a place to tie up dogs would be helpful.

·        Chase has already agreed to meet with the Main Street Design Committee and the HNA Land Use Committee.

·        The developer may want to consider including the adjacent lot.

·        There are elements of the proposed project that conflict with Metro’s Town Center plan that was paid for by the PDC.

Motion: That HNA request that the applicant request a 60-day extension of comment period to give HNA time to adequately respond to neighborhood concerns about the development. Amendment to change this to 30 days failed.  Motion passed by a majority with a show of hands.

Motion: That the HNA Chair appoint a liaison to be an HNA point of contact for the landowner and Chase. The Chair appoints Duane Hunting to serve as liaison. Motion passed by a majority with a show of hands.

Motion by Don Baack: That HNA compose a letter to the City that is not sent unless needed. The letter will be held in abeyance until HNA hears from Chase. If HNA has not heard from Chase by August 18th, 2011, the letter will be sent to City Council. Duane will draft this letter. Wes Risher seconded. Motion passed by a majority with a show of hands.

A list was created of the neighborhood’s concerns:

·        Less than the required 50% lot coverage

·        Transparency in the front – doors, windows, etc.

·        Issues related to Metro’s Town Center designation

·        Should be pedestrian- rather than auto-centered design

·        Mixed use development criteria

·        Pedestrian connectivity with adjacent properties

·        Structure should be designed for future mixed-use multi-business use

·        Underground of overhead wires is desired by the neighborhood

Celeste Lewis stated that on the above list, HNA only has standing to comment on the first three, as these are based on building code. However, HNA may comment on the others.


7:50 pm Other business:

 Glenn Bridger reported on three items:

·        Work will begin in a week or two on utilities and tree removal on Multnomah Boulevard, and the ramps to and from I-5 will be closed during this time. It would be good to avoid driving in this area during construction. Traffic flow will be affected.

·        Safeway will open its newly-remodeled store in Fall of 2012, and is working with the neighborhoods. They are expecting a significant increase in traffic, from the current 700 customers/day, to about 6000 customers/day after the remodel.

·        Verde Cocina, a new café, opens in Hillsdale tomorrow.

Wes Risher reported that Kaady Car Wash removed three of the five pin oaks that had been topped two years ago. Kaady got approval to do this, but HNA was not notified, and Wes is looking into the reason for this.

8:00 pm Meeting Adjourned
























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