Minutes April 4, 2012


Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Minutes

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

St. Barnabas Episcopal School

Action Item 2012-4-4-1:

Don Baack made a motion that Duane Hunting, the Land Use chairman, write a letter to the City Commissioners reconcile building and zoning regulations regarding the inclusion of canopy awnings as part of a building’s footprint. HNA wants the canopy inclusion to be eliminated. Motion seconded and passed.

Action Item 2012-4-4-2:

Don Baack made a motion for Wes Risher to submit to the Planning Commission, Parks Commissioner and the Director of Parks a proposal reaffirming HNA's request for a community garden west of Bertha Blvd and south of Nevada Court. Motion seconded and passed.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Mikal Apenes. After self-introductions, the minutes from the March meeting were approved as posted on the HNA website.The agenda was approved after additions to address TriMet's proposed cutbacks, the Stephens Creek community garden, and the Fulton Park Community Center closure.




Police Representative: David Browning of the Police Department introduced himself as the new liaison between HNA and the Police Department. He said our area has had few problems with the exception of a car prowl or two and some burglaries. Several suggestions from members asked David to look into some traffic issues, which he agreed to do.


Barbur Concept Plan: Joan Fredericksen of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability was introduced. She outlined the long-term vision for improvements to make Barbur Blvd a high-capacity transit corridor and what the public would like to see along the six-mile stretch between Tigard and downtown Portland. BPS is studying four urban form prototypes/scenarios. The goal is to avoid any degradation to the surrounding neighborhoods that might be subjected to more traffic on nearby streets.

There will be a community forum on the Concept Plan with an open house on May 3rd, 5:30-7:30 pm at the Cedarwood Waldorf School, 3030 SW 2nd Ave. It will be an opportunity for residents to express their ideas on how the corridor should look and have concerns addressed. At this time, there are no anticipated zone changes.

Comprehensive Plan Updates: The proposed draft is in the final stage and is available on line. There will be a hearing on April 18. The plan, 18 months in the making, includes preparing and managing road infrastructure, land use decisions on greenways, and urban design. The plan is to be updated every few years.


Joan is the contact person on any questions on the Barbur Concept Plan and the Comprehensive Plan.


Community Garden next to Stephens Creek Park: Wes Risher did a slide presentation showing the location and surrounding area of the proposed community garden. Both the Fulton Park and Gabriel Park community gardens are oversubscribed and have waiting lists. There is no community garden in Hillsdale. There is vacant land, about a half acre, adjacent to Stephens Creek which would accommodate 17 or more plots of 20'x 20'. A water meter is available.



Schools: Michael Reunert reported the drastic cuts to the Portland Public Schools budget. In order to maintain the Art programs at Rieke Elementary and Robert Gray MS, the schools are having a fund raiser called a Rat Race. People can pledge a set amount or so much per lap around the track run by a student.

The Sun School program will be cut by $1.7 million, which will amount to 33% for Gray, Markham and Jackson Middle Schools. Michael asked people to contact the City Council members, particularly Nick Fish and the mayor, to protect the funding. Southwest pays the highest property taxes in the city but most goes to other parts of the city, mainly the Eastside, despite a large number of disadvantaged residents in Southwest.


Transportation: There will be a meeting at the Hillsdale Library on May 1st from 6-8:00 pm to discuss the Sunset sidewalk issue. Arnie Panich commented on proposed Tri-Met budget cuts.


SWNI: Carolyn Raz, HNA Representative, reported on proposed budget cuts and upcoming events.


Trails: April 26 Will be the next Trails meeting at the Watershed – 7:00 pm. There will be a speaker who has recently been in Europe to study their trails and traffic issues. Everyone is invited.


Fulton Park Community Center Closure: Kim Appleberry reported Parks proposal to cut Parks programs and keep the community center open for private renters


9:00 pm – Meeting adjourned.



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