Minutes May 2, 2012

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes
Wednesday May 2, 2012
The Watershed at Hillsdale
Business Meeting Agenda
7:00 p.m.  Business Meeting
President Mikal Apenes opened the meeting at 7:10 p.m. by asking the 20-plus residents and guests in attendance to introduce themselves and indicate their “favorite thing about the Hillsdale Farmers Market”, scheduled to open on Sunday, May 6. The registration sign-in sheet was passed around for a few late arrivals.
The agenda was unanimously approved.
The April 4, 2012 meeting minutes, available at the HNA Web site, were unanimously approved.
Hillsdale Main Street (HMS) & Elders in Action (EIA) collaboration
Robert Hamilton provided a brief overview of the new joint venture between HMS and EIA and introduced Megan Braunsten and Will Fuller for the main presentation. Megan Braunsten explained this collaboration between EIA and HMS will be the first “Age Friendly Community” partnership within the City of Portland. Will Fuller explained the partnership’s goal to enhance the community functionality “where quality of life for its citizens does not depend on age”. Based on the World Health Organization, Portland is the first city within the United States to adopt this Age Friendly program to build a vibrant community to enhance services relating to all age groups, not just seniors, within Hillsdale. Megan indicated that the organization has checklists to be used to access the needed improvements that may be required to meet the program goals. Copies of the EIA Certified AGE Friendly Business Directory were available for meeting attendees.
Friends of Tryon Creek (FTC) discussion
David Cohen provided a brief overview of the Tryon Creek Park native area (675 acres), the only State park within city limits in Oregon, from its beginning with friends like Tom McCall and Glenn Jackson that prevented this forest area from becoming a housing development. The Friends help maintain the park, pull ivy and other invasive species on Saturdays, educate 5,000 students (mainly 5th & 6th graders, many from outside Portland who have never been in a forest in their lives) and the public about healthy forests. David confirmed that there is no day-use permit fee at Tryon Creek Park. The FTC also provides other outreach activities, including nature guides. Visit the website www.tryonfriends.org to learn more and/or sign up for volunteering and work parties.
Portland Public Schools (PPS) presentation and discussion
Erin Barnett, Ruth Adkins, and Sue Brent (Wilson HS Principal) provided a brief overview of the Portland Public School budget proposal and the important concerns to maintain school funding. PPS lost a previous bond measure by just 1,000 votes. The three important goals for the schools are:  (1) student achievement, (2) maintaining an adequate budget, and (3) facilities maintenance and upkeep. Overall only 59% of the state’s high school students graduate, Portland’s other high school campuses are at 70%, and Wilson’s graduation rate is 75%. There is a $27.5 million budget gap for 2012-13, so a new funding structure is required.
The group discussed Head Start, French language classes, online learning vs. new buildings, visual (graphics design) and performing arts classes at Wilson High School. A partnership of community members, teachers, architects, and others is needed to build and maintain the grass-roots effort to help our schools succeed over the coming years, as our city and state governments cannot do it alone.  
There were diverse questions and responses related to the three goals identified above. Handouts provided more details about the PPS 2012-13 Budget Proposal and the Facts and Figures 2011-12. See www.pps.net for more information. 
HNA Committee Reports
Transportation Committee
Don Baack reported on the Barbur Boulevard High-Capacity Corridor study. Information will be gathered during the next 18 months on all aspects and options. There is also a Barbur Concept Plan meeting set for Thursday May 3, at Crestwood School.
Don also briefly explained the SW Sunset Blvd. sidewalk/crosswalk options from last night’s community meeting at the library. A handout showing the ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, and ‘D’ streetscape options was available. There are four other sidewalk projects in the area. Refer to the discussion in the December 7, 2011 HNA meeting notes on Sunset Avenue Sidewalk Project.
The Sunday Parkway Project will take place on July 22 and will coincide with the 100th anniversary of Terwilliger Parkway.
SW Trails
Don Baack related the good trails meeting held and the bike/pedestrian report information on the web site. A new portion of the Tryon Creek State Park trail has been completed.
Land Use
Duane Hunting indicated that there were no Hillsdale land-use notices this month. There is an application from Sasquatch Brewery for their outdoor service of liquor sales related to the new outdoor terrace to be constructed in the area of the existing stairs. There was no objection indicated to this application at the HNA meeting.  
Hillsdale Main Street
Megan Braunsten reported on the replacement of unhealthy and damaged trees along Capitol Highway. The sidewalk concrete removal has been completed, new soil has been added, and some new trees planted. Smaller plants will arrive in the spring when warm weather assures their survival. With additional funding, more landscaping will occur. Other projects are being planned to enhance the sales and profitability of the 84 businesses within the Town Center.
Hillsdale Terrace CAC
There was no report from this committee.
June HNA Elections
Mikal indicated that the number of HNA board members will be reduced from 11 board members to 7 board members per the by-laws. The June elections will be for three positions, including Secretary, Treasure, and one board member. Nominations are open. Contact Mikal Apenes with names prior to next month’s meeting date. Don Baack has indicated that he would be willing to serve as a board member.
(1) John Gould is working on the feasibility for the implementation of the Hillsdale Town Center Plan.
(2) Rick Seifert and Megan Braunsten explained the Hillsdale Heritage Circle, which includes community members who donate $500 or more annually. A party for these people is planned soon at Corkage.
(3) Don Baack indicated that the Red Electric Trail brochure was about to go to print. Comments on the draft copy of the brochure should be submitted to him before end of the week.
(4) Rick Seifert stated that he and The Usual Suspects litter patrol will be posting “Hillsdale Votes” signs on Saturday, May 5.
(5) Megan Braunsten mentioned that Hillsdale Main Street will be having a Vista Volunteer working with the program for the next year. 
The meeting was adjourned at 8:46 p.m.
Submitted by Duane Hunting

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