Minutes June 6, 2012

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes
Wednesday June 6, 2012
St. Barnabas Church 2201 SW Vermont Street
HNA Board Meeting: 6:30 p.m.
Mikal Apenes, Robert Hamilton, and Duane Hunting briefly discussed the HNA Board Member elections and those available to hold positions.
Business Meeting Agenda
7:00 p.m.  Business Meeting
President Mikal Apenes opened the meeting at about 7:10 p.m. by asking the 38-plus residents and guests in attendance to indicate their “opinion on whether to cancel the July 4th meeting, move it one week later in July, or hold it in August.”  The outcome of the discussion was to skip July and hold the next HNA meeting on August 1st. The registration sign-in sheet was passed was on the table near the entrance.
The agenda was unanimously approved.
The May 2, 2012 meeting minutes, soon to be available at the HNA Web site, will be reviewed at the August 1, 2012 meeting.
HNA Board Member Nomination and Election
Mikal explained that HNA discussion and action is driven by the membership at the monthly meetings. The HNA Board carries on the discussion, sets agenda, and completes the action from the votes of the membership. Don Baack and some others requested that the Board Member quantity not be reduced to 7 from the 11 positions. He also suggested that those serving as committee chairs be included as Board Members. There was general agreement to this suggestion. The motion for new/continuing Board Members included Don Baack (Treasurer), Robert Hamilton, Carolyn Raz, Glenn Bridger, and Corinne Paulson passed unanimously.
Selection of HNA Volunteer of the Year
Both Dan Jenkins and Joe VanderVeer were nominated for this selection. Following discussion, the membership selected Joe as the HNA Volunteer for the 2012 Year. The awards banquet will be held on June 19 at 7:00 pm at the Multnomah Art Center.
Ecological Impact of Backyard Habitat Program
Mary Ann Dresner explained the desire to collect actual data on the success of the various backyard habitats in Hillsdale and Laurelhurst neighborhoods. Volunteers will be observing the various birds, insects, and animals that use these backyard habitats over the next several months. She asked for volunteers with habitats that could be observed, and had a sign-up sheet.
Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft
Officer Browning reviewed the recent attempts at identity theft from the blue recycling bins within the Hillsdale neighborhood area. The suspects are a man and women, stating that materials in these bins are public property and they have a right to search for material. Office Browning clarified that this statement is not the case – materials are personal property of the home owner, until collected by the licensed removal carrier. The suspects have been seen working out of a white Subaru vehicle with sorting bins in the back. Anyone seeing these suspects in operation should call the police immediately.
Hillsdale Food Cart Pod discussion
Richard Stein presented a design drawing of the plan layout for the 5 food carts with pathways and open areas for tables, chairs, and benches appropriately spaced between the vendor’s carts. Richard indicated that he has received about 30 letters and emails regarding his proposal with a ratio of 8 to 1 in support. The City of Portland’s rules have only addressed food carts positioned on paved parking lots. This is not the case with the Hillsdale proposal, and following his discussion regarding the number of appeals that would be required for his proposed layout; the city has been rethinking the “parking lot only” rules, and should be able to provide approval to the Hillsdale food cart design. The location is private property, commercially zoned, and any design reviews/appeals will follow the existing public notification and meeting process. The vision is to develop over a 2 to 3 year period.
The goals are to provide good, local sourced, nutritious food at a reasonable price. Richard said that the carts would be well designed to appear more permanent that those typically in downtown Portland locations. For those who would like to get a good idea of what Richard and the vendors have in mind should visit those currently at 43rd Avenue and Belmont Street. Hours of operation are still to be confirmed, but would most likely be on a seven day basis from lunch time into the dinner hours. The intent is also for the food types to not be in competition with other Hillsdale restaurants and food vendors at the Hillsdale Farmers Market.
For questions related to security, loitering, and trash cleanup, Richard explained that he was acting as the developer and would be leasing the food cart spaces to the individual vendors. Richard is planning to greatly reduce the amount of paper trash by having the vendors use a token exchange “Go Box” type system of reusable plastic dishes. Several of the food cart vendors attended the meeting, including Dwayne Beliakoff, Gary Evans, and Matt Kleimer, who stated that there have been few of the security and loitering problems at their other locations. However, none of the other locations are directly adjacent to public school properties. Stephanie Adams (police crime prevention program) stated that she will be talking to local businesses and maybe Tri-Met regarding litter disposal concerns.
Richard displayed several enlarged photographs of outdoor food service location in Europe showing well placed dining/sitting spaces, screening trellises, and overhead twinkling lights that he plans to incorporate into the design to provide a pleasant environment. There were a number of questions from those attending, that Richard plans to respond to formally in the near future. Below is a brief listing of these questions and statements:
1)      Where is the demand for this Food Cart installation?
2)      Location – what about vacant lots near Baskin-Robbins (Main Street)?
3)      Should be careful in stating that school food is not good.
4)      Traffic impact due to this specific location is unacceptable.
5)      Intent should be that access is by walking and/or bicycle, not cars/parking.
6)      Could be a good compliment for the Hillsdale Farmers Market.
7)      Hours of operation – lunch & dinner (at least 7:00 pm & 10:00 pm in summer)?
8)      Improved comfort for bad weather – heaters & overhead covers.
9)      What is City of Portland approval process?
10) What are the food cart beautification process & consistent design elements?
11) Not seen a food cart that was attractive & not a mobile home looking style.
12) Cart design needs to be “portable”, backend (street side) to have seating.
13) These are new food carts designed specifically for this location.
14) Is this really a good idea at the “door step” of Wilson High School?
15) Food types to be mostly local and healthy.
16) Only one type of Mexican food (Tacos), so not to compete w/ Casa Grande.
17) Should provide more food options to bring more people to other Hillsdale shops.
18) Cost of meals ($6.00 to $8.00 +/-)?
19) What about liquor license (not at this time)? How to protect underage students?
20) What is the architect’s role (designer, developer, hands-on)?
21) Complying with local health standards (hand washing sinks, toilets, etc.)?
22) Develop a “Good Neighbor” agreement & work w/ Stephanie Adams (police)?
23) Existing chain-link fence (some removed & some stays near bus shelter)?
24) Liter control planned (“Go Box” system)?
25) Will this project be developed in phases (infrastructure, carts, seating, canopies)?
26) Opening day for phase 1 (late July or early August)?
HNA Committee Reports
SWNI held good meeting, but there was no formal report from this committee.
Schools Committee
Michael Reunert read portions his school report (posted on HNA web site).
Motion: Designate Saturday August 25th 9:00 am to 1:00 pm as our Hillsdale Neighborhood  Action Day to help with cleanup and landscaping at all 3 schools – Wilson, Gray, and Rieke. Motion passed unanimously. This means we advertise our involvement and encourage participation from the community.
Transportation Committee
Glenn Bridger reported that the sidewalk project on SW Sunset Blvd. was moving forward on the Library side of street. The design will be complete the end of September, to bid fast track, and construction to begin early next year. All the funding is from the city.
Motion: HNA to write complimentary letter to city on the SW Sunset Blvd. sidewalk project (PBOT, Mayor Adams, Chris Arms, etc.). Compliment letter to be drafted by Glenn for Mikal’s review and signing. Motion passed unanimously.
Hillsdale Alliance
Hillsdale Alliance hopes to plan ahead for the next sidewalk project, and needs input from the community. Their meeting is 7/11/12 at the Watershed, with a follow-up meeting TBD in September.
SW Trails
The Sunday Parkway Project will take place on July 22, 2012, and will coincide with the 100th anniversary of Terwilliger Parkway on July 21-22, 2012. A handout was available at the meeting. Don said they need volunteers. The Gibbs Street pedestrian bridge dedication is June 23rd, and Glenn Bridger is the speaker. The monthly hike is next Saturday June 16th. Peter has a video on the Red Electric Trail.
Land Use
Duane Hunting indicated that there were no Hillsdale land-use notices this month. There is a SWNI community conversation “Follow the Money – A Community Conversation Regarding Property Tax & Compression” in Room 30 in the Senior Center, 7688 SW Capitol Hwy, on Thursday June 14th from 10:30 am to 11:30 am.
There was no formal report from this committee. Kim Appleberry stated that Fulton Park Community Center will be closed, but kept for the short term as a rental facility (not sure the time frame) for the rental preschools. Parks preschools (2) will close.
Hillsdale Main Street
Richard Garfinkle stated that the mural on the back wall of Bank America was proceeding. Landscape maintenance (getting water) was required at 4 planting beds. The next Hillsdale Main Street Design Committee meeting is Tuesday June 19th, and the Hillsdale Pancake Breakfast is on Sunday July 29, 2012.
In response to a question on the potential Credit Union, Richard indicated that some things are in the works, but nothing definite yet. They are looking at development on the vacant lot and Baskin-Robbins site for a commercial building (possible 4 tenants on ground floor and 2 tenants on second floor).
HMS folks are working on re-striping and removal of portable fence within north side parking lot. The Capitol Hwy planter near the Watershed needs to be complete by June 30th.  
Hillsdale Terrace CAC
There was no report from this committee.
(1) Rick Seifert announced that the Hillsdale Book Sale will also be on Sunday July 29th. Books and donations can to be collected on Sundays July 15th and 22nd at the Hillsdale Farmers Market.
 (2) Don Baack indicated that the Hillsdale business area clean-up will occur on Saturday June 26th.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:18 p.m.
Submitted by Duane Hunting. 

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