Minutes December 5, 2012

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, December 5, 2012 7:00 p.m.
St. Barnabas Church

Action Items

2012.12.1: Don Baack moved to write a letter to the government agencies involved requesting that a three-foot-wide pedestrian/bicycle lane be constructed as part of the Capitol/Terwilliger project. Seconded. Motion passed.

7:03 p.m. General Meeting Mikal Apenes opened the meeting and self-introductions were made. There were no changes to the agenda. A motion was made and seconded to approve the agenda. All in favor. The minutes from the November HNA meeting were submitted late and will be reviewed at the January meeting.

7:08 p.m. HNA Action Plan Update Discussion. It has been several years since HNA’s last action plan was reviewed. Many of the items on the list have been accomplished, including keeping Rieke Elementary School open, the library pedestrian crossing, and progress with the Red Electric Trail. What does HNA want to accomplish in the coming years? This question was expanded to include, ” How do the HNA Action Plan, the Town Center plan, the Main Street plan, the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association, schools, and other groups, interface with one another, with overall planning, and where do their goals and efforts overlap? ” What are Hillsdale’s assets and deficits? What are some ways that HNA can do more to support its assets? ” In what ways can HNA improve communication with Hillsdale residents and make sure the highest priorities are being addressed? Some ideas from the discussion: – HNA should examine its relationships with Main Street, schools, trails, NET, the Barbur Corridor project, and others, to compare goals and visions. – HNA may want to examine its role, and the role of its Board. – HNA should recruit volunteers, and offer them training and support. – HNA may find it useful to review the older Town Center plan action items (available on the City’s website). – Communication with residents might be improved by creating smaller districts, or sub-neighborhoods, within Hillsdale. – HNA may want to look at ways to make better use of the SWNI newsletter. – To increase participation, HNA may want to consult with the Office of Neighborhood Involvement and find out what is working well in other neighborhoods. HNA will hold several Saturday meetings, each focused on an area such as Transportation, Schools, Parks, etc., and possibly organized through its standing committees, and see who shows up to work on ideas. The first area of focus will be Transportation. A tentatively-named Transportation Futures Charette is planned for 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 12, 2013, at the Watershed. The HNA Board will meet at 6:30 p.m. on January 2, 2013 to plan this event.

8:18 p.m. Portland Police Officer Brown – Public Safety SW Portland is experiencing an expected seasonal drop in property and personal violent crimes. However, the number of traffic crashes is increasing, and many of these are alcohol-related. Citizens are requested to keep their eyes open, and if they see a car that is driving erratically they should call 911 and give a basic description of the car, its location, and the direction it is going.

8:26 p.m. Committee Reports Schools (Part of this report was given earlier as part of the Action Plan discussion.) Jamie Repasky, Rieke parent and Volunteer Coordinator, reported school’s Outdoor Classroom project is moving forward and that updates are available at http://riekeecothink.blogspot.com/, and her email is jamie.repasky@gmail.com. More trees will be planted at Rieke along the North side of the soccer field, and some at Wilson High School. Michael Reunert reported that budget issues continue at the State and local levels. Wilson is raising funds to replace its sports field with artificial turf, so it can be used year-round. Area schools are conducting multiple fund-raisers to support programming. Robert Gray and Rieke are collecting coats, hats, gloves, and mittens to donate to those in need.

Main Street Richard Garfinkle reported that the plaza project (in the parking lot of Casa Colima) is moving ahead with planning permitting, and fundraising, and Director Megan Braunsten is welcoming ideas from the public. An on-street parking experiment is being planned. Wine About Winter will be held in February. The storefront improvement grant application is nearly complete. Rick Seifert will call Ardys Braidwood for an update on the empty lot next to Baskin-Robbins.

Hillsdale Business and Professional Association Richard Garfinkle reported that the Golden Ticket event is going on now.

Hillsdale Alliance Glenn Bridger reported that the next meeting will be January 9, 2013, 7:00 p.m. at the Watershed, and the topic will be Healthy Hillsdale.

Land Use Duane Hunting presented. At the Stephens Creek Crossing development, SW California Street will be built as a full street and will stop at a house, where a pedestrian trail will continue down the hill. The Committee is keeping in mind that can both work through SWNI, as well as provide input directly to the City.

SW Trails Don Baack presented. The City of Portland approved the Street by Street Initiative, where neighbors help pay for the development of gravel streets. It calls for 18-foot-wide asphalt streets that bicycles, cars, and people would share. The Committee is looking at traffic calming that may be needed. The Red Electric project is making progress, and is in the running for nearly $1 million in funding. The Committee is creating informational brochures about the project.

Transportation Glenn Bridger presented. ” The Sunset sidewalk project and the sidewalk project near the Golden Touch Restaurant will be carried out this construction season. ” The Barbur Corridor project will hold a meeting tomorrow night. Metro will present the first draft of the light rail corridor plan will be presented in January. ” The Committee met with David Allred of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services regarding the sewer repair project at SW Capitol and Terwilliger, a joint project of BES, the Portland Water Bureau, and the Portland Bureau of Transportation. A formal land use review notice is about to come out. The Committee requested that the trees proposed for removal are marked, to allow time for neighborhood comment. The Committee requested that the work area to the South of Capitol Highway next to Vincent Place be cleared of invasive plants and replanted with natives. Disruption of traffic will be limited to a few hours here and there. The BES has received preliminary confirmation that the trail on the North side of Capitol Highway will be given a temporary reconstruction until the Water Bureau carries out its project in the same area, after which it will be permanently paved in a “wandering” manner so as not to be a straight high-speed route for bicycles. ” Both Barbur bridges will be repaired in 2014, and there will be an open house on 12/13 at 5:00 p.m. at the library. MOTION: Don Baack moved to write a letter to the government agencies involved requesting that a three-foot-wide pedestrian/bicycle lane be constructed as part of the Capitol/Terwilliger project. Seconded. Don will draft the letter and send it to Glenn for signatures. All in favor.

9:02 p.m. Announcements Arnie Panitch attended the Friends of Terwilliger Open House. The group is working to develop the intersection at SW 7th and Terwilliger with street improvements, a sidewalk, a plaza, and street configuration.

Next meeting: 7:00pm January 2, 2012 at St. Barnabas. Board meeting at 6:30pm.

9:03 p.m. Adjourned

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