Minutes from March 6, 2013

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 7:00 p.m.

St. Barnabas

ACTION ITEM 2013-3-6-1: Don Baack moved that HNA write a letter to the City requesting they suspend the proposed metering of Washington Park parking and that a robust City-wide policy be developed to address this issue. Motion seconded and passed unanimously.

ACTION ITEM 2013-3-6-2: Don moved that HNA sponsor an ivy removal work party around the proposed Red Electric bridge site. Motion seconded and passed unanimously.


7:00 p.m. Agenda and Minutes. Meeting opened by Mikal Apenes. Self-introductions were made. Two additions to the agenda: Claudia Martin from the NW NW Coalition, and Don Baack on an ivy removal work party. Motion to approve agenda, seconded, motion passed unanimously. Motion to approve minutes, seconded, motion passed.

7:03 p.m. Proposed Subdivision at SW 25th Avenue and Nevada Court. Mark Person and Dan McNaughton, applicant, presented. The proposed nine-lot subdivision at SW 25th Avenue will include curbs, sidewalks, and a turn-around. The application will be submitted in three weeks, followed by a public hearing. The houses will be energy efficient, possibly in a NW Modern architectural style. Each house will have its own storm-water management facility. Dan is aware of the existing right-of-way for pedestrians at 25th Ave. No adjustments to code are being requested. Dan is at dan@danmac.com and welcomes comments or questions.

8:09pm. Hillsdale Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness. John Morris and Rick Seifert presented. Portland is in the Cascadia Subduction Zone, so is due for a magnitude 9 or greater earthquake any time now. When this occurs, it is estimated that 5,000 people will die and that many buildings and bridges will be destroyed or unusable. Our area is particularly vulnerable because of the hills. Hillsdale’s 7400 residents will have many needs in a disaster. The 14 volunteers on the Hillsdale Neighborhood Emergency Team will not be able to meet all these needs. So, it is up to individual households to become more self-sufficient. Rick recently visited Berkeley where neighbors are organized into groups of about 50 residents, each group with an equipment cache. The Hillsdale neighborhood may want to consider re-naming itself a “community,” made up of smaller groups that could be called “neighborhoods,” “micro-neighborhoods,” “districts,” or “pods,” that are organized around disaster preparedness. Those interested in organizing their neighbors can get information from programs such as Map Your Neighborhood, SNAP (in Seattle), and Prepare Oregon. Rick and John hope to identify four or five districts within Hillsdale boundaries that can organize preparedness efforts at the household level. Ideas to do this include contacting Commissioner Steve Novick, and holding a “disaster dinner” or neighborhood picnic. The Portland Bureaus of Emergency Management and Development Services are offering a Seismic Strengthening Class at the Multnomah Arts Center on Thursday, March 21, 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

8:12 p.m. Committee Reports

Transportation Don Baack presented. The State will re-do the Barbur bridges, leave bike lanes and sidewalks similar to how they are now. SW In Motion (SWIM) is a PBOT plan combining all other plans for pedestrians and bicycles, and targets projects being requested all together to leverage additional funding. The Sunset Boulevard sidewalk project will begin this Summer or Fall.

Main Street Richard Garfinkle and Mikal Apenes presented. Storefront Improvement grants applications are in progress. Wine About Winter was very successful, with more than 500 in attendance. The Portland Parkways event will be September 29. The Plaza de Corazon project in front of Casa Colima is being designed; organizers may sell bricks to raise funds for this multi-use space. Soon, a survey will be sent out to Hillsdale businesses.

Hillsdale Business and Professional Association Richard Garfinkle presented. Flower baskets coming, and they are looking for a donation of a golf cart to that could be used to deliver water for the baskets and other plantings. The Blueberry Pancake Breakfast is being planned.

Schools Mikal Apenes presented. The Robert Gray auction will be held on April 6. Wilson needs volunteers to paint, and work at the College-Career Center. The Wilson auction will be on April 13. From bond measure funds, Wilson will get an entirely new roof, and Robert Gray will get science lab and ADA upgrades.

Trails Don Baack presented. No additional funding has been secured for the Red Electric Trail yet, but Peter DeCrescenzo has completed a video that can be viewed at http://www.swtrails.org.

Land Use Glenn Bridger presented. The project to repair the sewer on Capitol and Terwilliger will begin in 2-4 months and will be completed Summer 2014.

Parks Don Baack presented. A large group of volunteers planted bushes and removed ivy along Terwilliger near Nebraska Street, and the City may do further spraying to remove more.

8:23. Parking in Washington Park Dr. Claudia Martin, Board Member for both the Sylvan Highlands Neighborhood Association and the Neighbors West – Northwest Coalition presented. The City Council recently voted to install parking meters throughout Washington Park. SHNA and other neighborhood associations are concerned that this creates a barrier for some in using the park, that visitors will park in the neighborhood to avoid meters, and that the decision was made with insufficient citizen involvement. The NWNC requests that HNA write a letter of support. MOTION: Don Baack moved that HNA write a letter to the City requesting the suspension of the current rules and that a robust City-wide policy be developed to address this issue. Seconded. Discussion: Dr. Martin will email a copy of SHNA’s statement to Mikal who will draft and send a letter to City Council. Motion passed unanimously.

8:37 p.m. Announcements. Don Baack announced that Amy Erickson wants to organize an ivy removal project in an area near the Red Electric bridge site, North of Capitol Highway and South of Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway. MOTION: Don moved that HNA sponsor an ivy removal work party around the proposed Red Electric bridge site. Seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


8:39 p.m. Adjourn

Move to adjourn, seconded, all in favor.

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