Minutes from October 2, 2013

 Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 7:00 p.m.

St. Barnabas Church


MOTION: Don Baack moved that the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association sponsor work parties to remove brush on the Red Electric Trail near Nebraska and Capitol Hwy, and maintenance work on the Raz Baack Crossing of Stephens Creek. Dates to be determined. Passed unanimously.

Note: Project work parties are legal and covered by SWNI insurance coverage.


7:03 p.m. Agenda and Minutes. Meeting was opened by President Mikal Apenes. Self-introductions were made. Motion to approve agenda with one item added by Don Baack, seconded, all in favor. Motion to approve September minutes, seconded, all in favor.

7:05 p.m. Wilson High School Principal Brian Chatard.

1)     Construction, seismic upgrades, and new roofing projects have been completed and no leaks.  Brian did not have the actual costs, but thought it was in the $1-2 million range.  About $200,000 was spent for ADA improvements. The ramp on the north side is about 70% complete with the brick work to follow soon.  The landscaping will include natural items next to the building. Brian has suggested a project for the Senior Class for a plaque with a dedication to Woodrow Wilson (school’s name sake), who created peace without punishing the losers, be installed on a large stone in the triangle area of the ramps.

2)     Enrollment is up by about 40-50 students with 20 transfers. Student population was a target of 1,193, but is now about 1,235 to 1,240 students.

3)     The student after-school and lunch crowds have shown behavioral improvement compared to last year.  Lots of students are eating at the Hillsdale Food Carts, and there is less trash than before.

4)     Brian believes the new field will be done, but most likely next year. There is a matching fund for donations up to $100,000. The receipts so far are around $400,000 of the $1 million required.

5)     There are now things for all students, including music, band, orchestra, ensembles, computers, drama, wood & metal shop, sports, and 40-50 clubs.

6)     Brian also wants a school newspaper (similar to Grant High School) to be modeled after the New York Times (more depth) with the first issue in October, and then try to publish monthly.  The idea is similar to 20-30 color magazines with the students selling their articles (stories) to the editors of the paper.

7)     Minority students and those with non-English skills (only about 11-15 students in English Second Language classes).

8)     Brian wants to focus more on Health Care Occupations all around the Hillsdale area, including OHSU. There are now 22 students planning to visit medical offices in Hillsdale area.

9)     The following items were identified by HNA members:

a)     Don Baack – 310 feet long of 4 to 6 feet wide asphalt strip at north side of parking lot required for a better pathway. Tennis court complete and reinstalled drinking fountain.

b)     Mikal Apenes – like to see recycling bins at field and around the pool, as a joint venture with Parks Bureau.

c)      Robert Hamilton – requested that a student representative from Wilson High School attend the HNA monthly meetings to share updates.

d)     Arnie Panich –  concentrate on more student bus passes.

7:10 p.m. Committee Reports.

Transportation Don Baack clarified that the island at SW Capitol and Terwilliger is under way slowly by BES for sewer drain line replacement. However, during this time there also needs to be a wider pedestrian and bike lane around the work area.

SWNI Leonard Guard advised of the Open house on October 30th from 5:30 to 7:00 PM at the Watershed (BES). No other report given.

Hillsdale Alliance no report.

Hillsdale Main Street Rick Garfinkle stated that there are only 40 tickets left for the upcoming Paella Dinner.  Robert Hamilton reported that there is a program for business development of the 100 businesses in Hillsdale, including a Business Advocate Program and Business Ambassador Program.  Work continues on fund raising, signage upgrades, and improvements to store fronts. There is also about $50,000 available for the new plaza.

Hillsdale Business & Professional Association Mike Roach went to Washington, D.C., as a representative of Hillsdale HBPA.

Schools Michael Reunert presented. The legislature grand bargain passed, with increase of $200 million to the budget, which adds about 40 more teachers to Portland Public Schools (PPS).  Student enrollment is up at Robert Gray. Walk / Bike to School events are October 9.  The SWNI School Committee is studying alternative education and other learning models.

SW Trails Don Baack reported on the Red Electric Trail status and other events as listed on their web site.

Parks No official report given. Don Baack updated group on ADA trail starting at Stephens Creek area and that it may take some time to complete. A master plan for Hillsdale Park requires bathrooms and drinking fountain. The upgrade to the Rieke sports field is a bond measure item. Don made the motion for HNA sponsorship for trails work to be eligible for SWNI insurance coverage.

Land Use Duane Hunting stated that there were no new land use permit applications.

8:12 p.m. Announcements.

8:35 p.m. Adjourn.

Motion to adjourn, seconded, all in favor.

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