Minutes from November 5, 2014

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 7:00 p.m.

St. Barnabas Church


MOTION 2014-11-5-1: MOTION: Don Baack moved to support the plan for the development at SW 25th and SW Nevada as presented. Seconded. All in favor.

MOTION 2014-11-5-2: Don Baack moved that HNA write a letter to the City requesting that they finish a variety of little projects around the neighborhood. Duane Hunting seconded. All in favor.

7:01 p.m. Agenda and Minutes. President Mikal Apenes opened the meeting. Introductions were made. Motion to approve minutes for the October meeting. All in favor. Motion to approve agenda. All in favor.

7:06 p.m. Committee Reports.

Land Use Notices and Issues Duane Hunting presented.

  1. The proposed 21-lot subdivision in the Hillsdale triangle has been modified to 19 housing units and to provide a public street and pedestrian connectivity. The developer is in the process of creating plans for storm water and other mitigation issues. Nearby homeowners are concerned about the narrow street and potential parking issues. The developer hopes to meet with all members of the Hillsdale Heights Homeowners Association in the next three weeks. The HOA’s Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions may conflict with the current zoning, and HOA members may object to the density of this development. The City is requiring a public street through the development that would eventually connect SW 18th Dr to SW Sunset Blvd in the future. In general, this development fits in with the City’s density goals per the Hillsdale Town Center Plan, and it is hoped that it will also be compatible with the existing neighborhood. HNA will invite the developer and the Hillsdale Heights Homeowners Association to a future meeting. NOTE: John DeJong from Technical Engineering, Inc., arrived after a meeting with Hillsdale Heights HOA to discuss CC&R requirements. He said every house in this development will be designed for its lot, so each one will be a part of the application and subject to comment. He is working with architects to conform to Hillsdale design standards, and is looking at two possibilities for pedestrian connectivity to the Town Center.
  2. HNA received notification of a land use review for a residential development at SW 25th Avenue and SW Nevada. The proposal is for eight lots in the 5000-6000 sf range, taking it below the R7 zoning. Pedestrian/bike connectivity is part of the plan. The Portland Bureau of Environmental Services owns land at the north end of the property, and plans to purchase additional land as an extension of the Texas Street Wetlands. The developer seeks comments from HNA by December 17. Neighbors may contact Duane who can write a letter if needed. MOTION: Don moved to support the plan for the development at SW 25th and SW Nevada as presented. Seconded. All in favor.
  3. The Mixed Use Zones Policy Advisory Committee is working to change the current nine mixed-use zones, to four or five mixed use zones. The Committee is looking at projects around the country for what works with floor area ratios, heights, setbacks, tying developments to existing communities, etc. The City is working to coordinate this with the Comp Plan and will present its preliminary findings at a public hearing probably in June or July.
  4. Cars are continuing to park in the bike lane along SW Vermont Street, especially during sports events and Farmer’s Market.

Transportation Glenn Bridger and Arnie Panitch reported. Glenn was happy to report that many area street projects are winding down. He is working on getting the finishing touches completed on many of them, such as tree trimming on the NW corner of Terwilliger and Chestnut, the little chains and posts in the Wilson and Rieke parking lots, two crosswalks at 25th and Capitol Highway, a portion of the sidewalk on Vermont west of Bertha, and a pond of water left behind after construction at Capitol and Terwilliger. MOTION: Don Baack moved that HNA write a letter to the City requesting that they finish a variety of little projects around the neighborhood. Duane seconded. All in favor. Arnie reported that TriMet is planning Bus Rapid Transit for our area. Buses would generally have their own right of way or lane. Riders would pre-pay at the station, similar to the MAX, so they can board quickly. BRT would have limited stops, also similar to MAX. Arnie reported that TriMet Planner Tom Mills recently attended a SW Trails meeting to talk about improving SW Portland’s current bus lines. TriMet is looking at ideas that move away from a system that runs everything through downtown, and creating routes that allow passengers to go farther on a single seat ride.

SWNI Glenn Bridger presented. At the last meeting, SWNI fine-tuned and passed 15 motions regarding the Comprehensive Plan, and submitted them to the City. The recent Community Policing reception and Fall Neighborhood Clean-up were both successful events. SWNI is considering adding an Environmental Committee, and seeks feedback from the neighborhoods about this idea. It would deal with storm water, tree cover, air quality issues, etc. Concerns raised during discussion included that SWNI’s Land Use Committee already works on these issues, and that adding a committee may stretch volunteer and other resources. HNA members requested more information about the mission of the proposed committee before supporting it. On November 18 at 7:00 p.m. at the Multnomah Arts Center there will be a Tree Policy Forum to learn about new rules about trees in the City.

Hillsdale Alliance The next meeting will be January 14, 2015.

Schools Michael Reunert presented. The local option was approved by voters yesterday. The District plans to hire 40-50 more teachers next year. Educational technology is being used more, and the schools have new chrome books for students. Some teachers are employing flipped classrooms, in which students watch a video lecture, then use class time for discussion of the lecture. PPS starting a process to look at school boundaries.

SW Trails Don Baack presented. The group’s recent meeting with Portland Bureau of Transportation went well. At the November 20 meeting the group will discuss procedures for building trails. Arnie noted that tomorrow night Don will be honored with a Spirit of Portland award. Congratulations given to Don by those present. Arnie reported that the street lights on Capitol between Terwilliger and Barbur are out. He has called PBOT and ODOT and PGE requesting that this be remedied, but no results yet. Arnie encourages others to call in about this. The SW Trails group is working to develop escape routes for those who live on cul-de-sacs in the event of urban wildfire.

Parks Don Baack presented. Those interested in getting a master plan for Dewitt Park should get in touch with Don. The trail between Hillsdale and the Willamette River re-opened yesterday. A work day is tentatively scheduled for November 15 to remove stumps and blackberries from the north side of Wilson High School. The group met with PBOT Manager of Planning Art Pearce to discuss the transportation system plan and the need for overlay with the trails system. It is being proposed that the urban trail system and other trails fall under the jurisdiction of Portland Parks. Don thinks this is a bad idea, as Parks is often at odds with SW Trails.

8:30 p.m. Announcements. Mikal reminded those present that his term as President ends in June 2015, so the group should consider his replacement. He is term-limited according to bylaws. Mikal said he needs people to work on re-writing HNA bylaws in accordance with the new ONI guidelines. On Saturday 11/8 at 5:00 p.m., St. Barnabas Church will serve a turkey dinner that is open to the entire community. Duane asked the group if there is interest in having a presentation by Clean Energy Works at the next HNA meeting, and several people expressed interest. Duane received a notice from PF&R Public Education Officer Alice Johnson offering home safety check for their homes – contact Alice at 503-823-3487. Glenn announced that ONI has a process for archiving neighborhood association records. Anyone with materials to archive may contact Glenn or Duane.

8:34 p.m. Adjourn.

Motion to adjourn. Seconded. All in favor. 



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