Minutes from October 7, 2015 Board and General Meetings

HNA BOARD MEETING, October 7, 2015, 6:30-7 p.m

Linda Venti’s resignation was received by the board and acknowledged. Board has power to appoint interim replacement/vacancy. Will talk to Teresa, who had offered to “share” a board slot with Linda under the new bylaws.

Duane expressed need for long term officers, especially president and secretary, given that he may be moving in 2016. Don moved Duane as President, unanimous. John Gould noted bylaws might not allow this—needs to be vote of membership (until new bylaws are approved). Board then noted that as vice president under current bylaws, Duane was called upon to facilitate meetings until a president could be selected. He agreed to continue doing so.

Duane suggests HNA action plan needs to be developed; especially with Portland’s new zoning changes in mind, there are more opportunities for HNA to be involved. All of Hillsdale Town Center becomes CM2 (middle commercial) street activity, height, may create some conflicts. Do we want to be on forefront being creative, contemplating future? He noted benefit of getting additional business owners and operators involved to help guide future growth (3, 5, 10 years forward). The action plan could address not only land use/zoning, but also parks, schools, and other key neighborhood amenities.

Eric asked that we provide links to the most current Hillsdale Plans. He would be interested in updating to a less auto-centric focus. We are a pedestrian district, but parking and other characteristics contribute to overall character. Eric described a retirement community in Florida where everyone gets around by golf carts. Talking about alternatives like this would be interesting.

Duane asked what people want (something like Multnomah Village, or more like some of the North or Eastside town centers?) Let developers know what is desired by neighborhood.

Don we need to expand our thinking to include/focus on areas outside the Town Center, to get ahead of SW Corridor. Duane expressed desire to be positive with developers, carrot rather than stick approach. Duane can try to develop a first draft of action plan for further discussion.

Topics for next meetings were discussed: SW Corridor update; Orange Splot developer, Eli Spevak, has agreed to attend in December to discuss accessory dwelling units and infill as strategies to increase density and housing options in Portland at December HNA meeting. Oct 14 Open House at Wilson for Mixed Use zoning 6:30-8 pm. Nov 18 Tech Connect at Jackson Middle School. SW Corridor Steering Committee meets Monday at Tigard Library 9-11am.

Don asked about need for a strategy for Hillsdale Triangle in order to re-zone or see future development. Get City involved? Duane might ask Eric at City to discuss transportation connections through that area (Robert Gray, Library, other connections). HNA could attempt to reengage City and property owners.

Duane noted there would be a November board meeting at 6:30.

Not Available: Robert, Glenn, Wes not available.

Attending: Duane, Don, Leslie, Rick, Barbara, Sheila, Eric. Adjourned 7pm.




Called to Order at 7:04 Duane announced sign in sheet, provided copies of agenda, asked all present to make introductions.

Treasurers Report: Don Baack, $546 at Chase.

John Gould referenced bylaws discussion, and distributed copies for this topic later on agenda.

Presentation on Golden Touch property development plans. Family has owned since ’82, all went to school in area. Have added land around the restaurant over the years. Last year discussed initial plan with HNA. Spent past year evolving whole site, working with City planners, TriMet, ODOT, PBOT, BES. Looking forward to 2025, this builds on local plans (SW Corridor/Barbur Concept Plan).

Overall development plan was described. Provides easement for Tri MET to allow for whatever type of high capacity transit is selected. Main commercial tenant will be Natural Grocers, also a fitness/yoga studio, 20,000 square feet additional commercial space. 220 apartments above four levels of parking, meets all parking standards, all underground; bike lanes provided. 225 bike storage spaces on site, some publicly accessible. Common/open spaces provided, including for dogs. Don asked for consideration of a drinking fountain on Barbur. #6 and 4 SW Trails go through this area.

Duane complimented articulation of facades, and different materials to engage pedestrians and occupants. Family as owners have historical commitment to this area. They want it to be safe, pedestrian friendly, attractive. Eric asked about technology for battery operated bikes? Or electric cars? Rick asked when Golden Touch will close—unknown at this time. It is possible the development could kick off construction by summer of 2016. Don asked about whether utilities would be undergrounded. Trying to get all utilities to agree on how they will be coordinated.

Eric asked about how bike lanes will operate in 10+ years compared to now. Safe entry/exit for bike users to and from site is critical. Currently no plans for a light at 17th. 19th/Barbur won’t change. Residents will have access to green roofs. Studios – 2 bedrooms will consider some affordable, if City requests. Team is open to creativity—willing to listen to all input. Hope to become example for mixed use high density on Barbur.

Don moves that HNA provide letter of support, based on what we’ve seen, investigating affordable housing set aside, water fountain, underground utilities, car and bike charging. Duane will draft.

No schools or HBPA reports.

Transportation – hearing on 10/14 seeks testimony on City’s trails policy. Good news on Red Electric – City has 3 potential projects (2 with railroads, which mean prolonged discussion), so will put funding request in to build Shattuck to 30th, then other funds for other sections. Will ask for letter of support at next meeting, invite Mark Lear.

Land Use – items. 3 proposals. A land division on Idaho. SW Terwilliger & Chestnut, owner might come to future meeting. Several upcoming meetings—SW Corridor Steering Committee; Planning/Sustainability Commission meeting Tuesday, first crack at Employment zones; Comprehensive Plan deals with breadth of land uses, dealing with Employment Zones next, looking at how these overlay, get consensus among various entities (i.e. City, Metro, TriMet). Wilson meeting on 10/14 at 6:30-8 pm will be roll out the four mixed use zones, draft docs. SW Neighborhood Schools, Tech Connect, 6:30-8:30 pm at Jackson Middle School, Wednesday, November 18.

There was a brief discussion of whether the City might decide to use Sears Armory site for housing/homeless emergency, given recent news article. Given environmental conditions at site, HNA members noted need to confirm toxicity levels.

HNA ByLaws Revisions. John Gould led a discussion of the HNA bylaws revisions. Duane provided intro, history behind why City’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement asked for such revisions. John provided Executive Summary. HNA has been making decisions via membership not board, insurers believe that is too broad. They want to insure Directors and Officers are engaged, and know that they will be the decision-makers.

All formal decisions of HNA should be made by board. But they will be elected by members, and will ask the membership to debate and adopt advisory motions. Loyalty of board is to membership, to listen, then make independent decisions. Don’t make decisions by surprise. Presiding officer can delay decisions to allow for additional time for information/discussion.

  1. Board selects its officers, but there are mechanisms to remove officers if necessary.
  2. To accommodate schedules and promote leadership, an Alternate can be designated and can represent/vote at given meeting if member is unavailable.
  3. Broad discretion in the executive to conduct meetings, with easily understood rules of procedures, doesn’t require extensive knowledge of Roberts Rules.
  4. Require board to listen to all opinions, engage in discussion and debate, make decisions in interest of entire HNA, even if it doesn’t coincide with majority of membership.What happens if significant controversy exists, but time does not allow additional time for deliberation? Board can consider emergency convening, but will let both neighborhood and recipient know circumstances under which feedback was solicited. Examples such as Chase Bank and Cheltenham decisions were discussed. Leslie noted that leadership has capacity to set agendas in proactive way. Advisory Motions at meetings provides feedback loops. Board should report any decisions it makes clearly for membership.Voting procedures: in general no proxy votes, but individual may call in for specific portion of meeting to be heard. Membership rosters (sign ins) will be maintained for 24 months. You can be a member in many ways—live, work, own a business, attend school here, or have consent of board, but must attend at least 2 meetings in 24 month period. Votes require majority of those present; in case of amendments 2/3 of those present. Provision for “alternates,” described on page 10. No term limits on directors. Officers have term limit of 2 consecutive years, after 3 years, can return. Duties of officers described pages 12, and removing directors is described on pages 14-15.

Duane made two announcements:

  • Bylaws amendments to be vote upon in November.
  • HNA Minutes – last meeting/September–no additions or notes; Don moved, Barbara seconded, unanimous approval as written.
  • Two other items were briefly mentioned: gas tax being considered at City level for 4 years to raise $58 million; Google hub on Healy Heights.

Leslie moved that meeting adjourn, Eric seconded, unanimous.

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