Minutes from January 6, 2016

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Minutes

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church


General Meeting

Action Item 2015-12-2-1

Don Baack moved that the Board approve sponsorship of Smile Oregon’s event permit for the use of Gabriel Park to raise funds for its dental assistance program in 2016. The motion was seconded and discussed. Robert Hamilton moved that a decision by the board be tabled until the board meeting of January 6, 2016. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously by the Board.

Action Item 2016-1-6-1

The Board voted 7-0 to take Action Item 2015-12-2-1 from the table and voted 7-0 to sponsor Smile Oregon’s event permit for the use of Gabriel Park in 2016.

Action Item 2016-1-6-2

Don Baack moved that the Board support the Advisory of the General Members to reset the Institutional Residential (IR) zoning of Wilson High School, which it has had for 18-20 years, to the status of R-7, the designation of all other schools within the Portland Public School system. The motion was seconded, discussed, and passed by a vote of 7-1.


President Duane Hunting opened the meeting of the board of directors at 6:30 p.m. and the general membership meeting at 7:02 p.m. At the Board meeting, Smile Oregon board member Jack Myers explained the mission of the nonprofit corporation and the annual Family Walk fundraiser to help cover a portion of the cost of cleft palate and cranial-facial operations for several patients each year, typically $5-7,000 for each recipient. The Board then voted to sponsor Smile Oregon’s event permit for the use of Gabriel Park in 2016.

At the General Meeting, the draft Minutes of the December 2 General Meeting were approved with the addition of the following statement: “Barbara Bowers suggested we include Wilson High School students and Portland State University students in giving us their suggestions for future development in Hillsdale as it relates to the ongoing Hillsdale Town Center Plan.” Members introduced themselves and Board members and alternates identified themselves.

The President noted the need to update the HNA website. He also reminded members that we will need to elect a new President early in 2016 when he moves to a different neighborhood and that we currently have no elected Vice President or Secretary. Robert Hamilton is acting temporarily as Secretary. Treasurer Don Baack reported that the HNA bank account has $546 in it.

The members discussed an Advisory presented by Don Baack to reset the Institutional Residential (IR) zoning of Wilson High School, a status unique to WHS which it has had for 18-20 years, to its previous status of R-7, the designation of all other schools within the Portland Public School system. Members and WHS principal Brian Chatard discussed the matter at length. Members supported the Advisory by a vote of 13 in favor to 4 in opposition. The Board then voted 7 to 1 to support the Advisory. The Board motion was made by Don Baack, seconded, and discussed prior to the vote. President Hunting will inform the City Council of the decision and ask that it be included as a change within the Comprehensive Plan.

The members then discussed a second Advisory proposed by Don Baack, one consisting of three parts, all of which Don described as “mitigation” for the recent construction, without a prior presentation to the HNA for discussion by Board and General Members, of a fence and two gates. The gates will be closed during autumn football games as entry will require a ticket or student pass and will restrict pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians will need to detour around the east end of the WHS parking lot to reach a destination south of the WHS campus. The three mitigation measures which Don proposed are: (1) removal of a line of posts on the east side of the parking lot separating WHS and Mary Rieke Elementary School; (2) the construction of a wider sidewalk on the north side of the WHS parking lot; and (3) a Good Neighbor Policy between Portland Public Schools regarding the three public schools within Hillsdale and the HNA. Members supported the Advisory by a vote of 12-5. The HNA Board will discuss the Advisory at its meeting of February 3. A Comprehensive Plan Testimony email to Portland City Council was sent and acknowledged on Thursday, January 8, 2016.

On Monday, January 25, at 7 p.m. at The Watershed in Hillsdale, HNA members and Hillsdale residents, as well as a large number of invited public policy makers and other guests who have studied “homelessness” in Portland, will meet to discuss the question: “What can we do in Hillsdale to assist the homeless to meet their residence, nutrition, community, and social needs?” The Hillsdale Alliance co-chairs, Glenn Bridger and Sheila Greenlaw-Fink, will act as facilitators of the forum.

Members discussed a “crash” of December 22 at 7:15 p.m. in which an automobile struck and injured a pedestrian crossing Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway. The victim was crossing from Dosch Road, on the north, to 30th Avenue on the south side of B-H Highway. Members supported by a vote of 17-0 an Advisory by Don Baack to ask the Portland Bureau of Transportation to analyze the crash and make recommendations about improving pedestrian safety at the intersection, particularly in light of new construction on 30th Avenue now in progress. There are several potential ways PBOT could make the intersection safer for pedestrians, bus riders, bicyclists, and automobiles, including the addition of dedicated left turn lanes for drivers on Dosch and 30th Avenue. Eric Wilhelm suggested that HNA ask for more crosswalk enforcement to address “the failure to yield” problem which caused the recent pedestrian injury collision.   Eric also cited: Capitol Hwy and Sunset, Vermont and Bertha, and Terwilliger and Chestnut/6th Avenue. Don will take the list to the Portland Traffic Safety Coordination Council.

Don Baack proposed an Advisory asking the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association to encourage Town Center business and property owners to remove ice and snow when they make public sidewalks impassable, a condition which existed from January 3 to 6. Members voted to support the Advisory 16-0. Eric also discussed the growing importance of “short-cut street maintenance” to promote bicycle-pedestrian use to avoid car congestion. Better Block supporters are promoting diverse transportation modes.

Glenn Bridger reported on SWNI personnel changes and SWNI’s efforts to promote civility towards Muslim residents and organizations. Duane Hunting reported on condominium construction on 30th Avenue. Mark Dane (Dane Planning) is building 15 units which will have an average price of $300,000. One current home will also remain on the property. Don Baack also explained Southwest in Motion and 15 unbuilt rights-of-way in Hillsdale. Leslie Pohl-Kosbau reported that Portland Parks and Recreation is structurally reorganizing. She is also planning to attend the Tuesday, January 12, Parks Budget meeting and will report back to HNA at the February 3 meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.


Submitted by Robert Hamilton






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