HNA Meeting Minutes for July 5, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association
July 5, 2017
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church


Action Item 2017-7-5-1 Barbara Bowers moved that we formally adopt the header of the HNA website as the official logo of the organization.  The motion was seconded, but following an extended discussion, Chair Don Baack declared it to be a “Controversial Issue” and a Board vote was postponed to September 6.

Action Item 2017-7-5-2 Glenn Bridger moved that Andrea Wall, coordinator of the SW 25th Avenue Right of Way Restoration Project, requests that the $75 cost, including shipping, of the August 1 National Night Out raffle prize “Emergency Kit,” valued at $87.90, be deducted from the proceeds raised from the sale of raffle tickets.  The remaining proceeds will then be shared equally between the HNA and the Restoration Project.  The motion was seconded and passed 6-0 by the Board.

Chair Don Baack reminded members that HNA’s National Night Out will take place on Tuesday, August 1, from 6 to 8 p.m. at DeWitt Park, across from the Hillsdale Library and that this event will substitute for an August meeting.  The next membership meeting will be at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 2201 SW Vermont, beginning at 7 p.m.

The June meeting Minutes were approved and Treasurer Don stated that the bank account is approximately $650.  Members introduced themselves and shared significant personal memories of summer events from their past.

Garner Moody of Lloyd Development, LLC, discussed a proposed land subdivision at 2540 SW Sunset.  Mr. Moody represents clients who wish to divide a lot of 15,000 square feet into two lots of 7,500 square feet each for the purpose of building two homes where only one home was permitted by the CC&Rs written in 1941.  He distributed copies of the existing original CC&Rs, ones which included a provision outlawed by the courts which restricted ownership to “Caucasians” alone (except for “domestic servants”).  Mr. Moody and his clients wish to develop new CC&Rs for HNA members to review in the future and he will then seek support of them and building designs which will be submitted to the City.  These will also need the support of property owners within and adjacent to the lots proposed for development.

Neighborhood Affairs and Informational Reports

Outreach Committee

Barbara Bowers proposed that the Board approve the use of the logo appearing at the HNA website as the “official logo” of the organization.  Following a long discussion of various logo designs and logo-types which have been used by HNA, the Hillsdale Community Foundation and Main Street,  and the Hillsdale Business & Professional Association, it was determined by the Chair that this was a “controversial issue” requiring greater “member and public input” and a vote was postponed until September 6.  However, the postponement will not prevent the development of an HNA banner to be used on August 1 at National Night Out which employs the logo found on the HNA website.

Barbara also reported that posters will soon appear in the store windows of local businesses and that public announcements will be made regarding NNO.  Melissa Light is planning August 1 activities for children, booths are being planned for preceding events advertising NNO, Josh Kaddish will provide a sound system and will offer musical entertainment, Paula Hamilton is collecting door prizes from Hillsdale businesses, Sergeant Jason Graf of the Portland police will speak to the NNO crowd and the fire department will open its doors for inspection of their equipment, Remax Realty will offer parking space,  and that tables and chairs will be loaned by the library and Farmer’s Market.

Andrea Wall reported on the effort to sell raffle tickets for three items, the revenue of which, minus the $75 cost of the “Emergency Kit,” will be equally divided between HNA and the “SW 25th Avenue Right of Way Restoration Project.”

SW Trails PDX

Don Baack reported that supplemental funding for the SW 25th Safe Route to School from Bertha Boulevard to Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway will be proposed by Commissioner Dan Saltzman at the City Council meeting of July 26.

SWNI and Land Use

Glenn Bridger announced that new SWNI president John Gibbon appointed chairs for several committees, excepting that of the Watershed Committee.  Watershed Coordinator Jen Seamans has left for graduate school; our Southwest watershed challenges are different than those in other parts of Portland and SWNI has a contract with the City’s Bureau of Environmental Services to provide tailored expertise.  Glenn encouraged members to fill out the questionnaires online relating to land use and the search for a new director of ONI.  

The 2035 Comprehensive Plan update is available at “Code Reconciliation Project.”  


Michael Reunert reported that the Legislature has appropriated more money than originally expected to fund Oregon’s schools during the next biennium.  But it still considered too small an increase to avoid larger class sizes.  He also reported that the annual outdoor work party at Wilson High School will be August 29.

Don reminded members that the HBPA Blueberry Pancake Breakfast will be Sunday, July 30, in the central business district.

As chair, Don also appointed a Nominating Committee of Glenn Bridger, Rick Meigs, and Sheila Fink for the September 6 election of Board Directors and Officers.  Don announced that he will continue as a Board member but will resign as Treasurer.   Secretary Robert Hamilton emailed information to the Directors and Alternates regarding the Board vacancies and those positions up for election. The list is the one used in 2016.  Voting for odd-number positions and others include:   1 President (vacant); 2 Vice-President (vacant; will need to be re-elected in 2018); 3. Robert Hamilton, Secretary; 5. Vacant; 7. Vacant; 9. Wes Risher; and 11. Eric Wilhelm.  So, in other words, in September 2017, we actually have seven positions either currently vacant, or have current occupants who need to be re-elected.  Robert said he will stand for re-election, and Wes and Eric need to inform the Nominating Committee whether they will too.

In a meeting recently with Wes, he said he would be happy to be an Alternate to Leslie Pohl-Kosbau (if she is willing to be a Board Director), so Wes and Leslie should discuss this matter and inform the Nominating Committee how they would like to proceed.  Will the Board candidate be Wes or Leslie?


Earlier today, I shared my thoughts below with Sheila and Barbara but now invite all of you, including Alternates, to comment upon a “new model” for communicating with the public (residents and others) and for conducting our meetings.  The downside is that Committee Reports would be written and sent to me for posting at the website but not delivered publicly at a monthly meeting (unless it resulted in a Motion and the need for discussion and a Board vote).  The upside, or advantage, is that it would allow us to devote meeting time to presentations by invited guests (officials, etc.).  

I look forward to your thoughtful comments to my proposed “new model” below.  Feel free to share with “All” or with me privately.

“Second, I want to pursue the “new model” of how we conduct our communications with the Hillsdale residents and how we conduct our monthly meetings.  I tried to summarize on July 5 the suggestions I heard from Keturah and other members:  ask for written reports beforehand from Eric, Don, Michael, Barbara, Glenn, etc. so that I can post them to the HNA website, perhaps as part of the “Minutes” or under a new heading such as “Committee Reports.”  Those wanting to read these reports could do so at the website.

“I and the Board and Alternates would then determine who we want to address HNA each month on matters of substantive interest relating to land use, transportation, etc.  We would plan ahead so that we could be assured that each month we would have a featured speaker:  manager of one of the city’s bureaus or agencies, or a City Commissioner, County Commissioner, or State official.  We would then advertise the speaker and topic at the website and in SWNI News and through NextDoor Hillsdale in order to attract a larger attendance at our monthly HNA meetings.  Obviously, we also have to allow time for Board members each month to propose motions and time for discussion.”

Submitted by Robert Hamilton, Secretary


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