HNA Meeting Minutes for June 7, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

June 7, 2017

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church


Action Item 2017-6-7-1  Don Baack moved that the Board support a “Raffle to Benefit the SW 25th Avenue Trail Restoration Project and the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association.”  The motion passed 4-0.

Action Item 2017-6-7-2  Don Baack moved that the Board approve an expenditure of up to $75 for HNA’s National Night Out supplies and food.  The motion passed 4-0.

Action Item 2017-6-7-3  Don Baack moved that the Board invite Portland City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly in the Autumn, as her schedule permits, to discuss the “new direction” she foresees for the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. coalition, and for individual Neighborhood Associations.  The motion passed 4-0.

Action Item 2017-6-7-4  Don Baack moved that the Board support the proposal of SW Trails PDX  for a permit to manage the repair and ongoing maintenance of the trail built by neighborhood volunteers in 2003 that links the SW 19th Avenue right-of-way from SW Fairmount Boulevard to Council Crest, about 550 feet including two sets of stairs. The motion passed 4-0.

Eric Wilhelm chaired the meeting.  Treasurer Don Baack reported a balance of $673.85 in the Chase Bank account.

Andrea Wall reported on the SW 25th Avenue Right of Way Restoration and National Night Out program and fundraiser of August 1 at DeWitt Park.  Andrea has long experience with raffles which raise funds for community projects and associations.  In this case, raffle tickets for three items will be sold between July 23 (at the Hillsdale Sunday Farmers’ Market) and August 1 (at the July 30 Blueberry Pancake Breakfast organized by the Hillsdale Business & Professional Association).  The winning raffle tickets will be chosen at the NNO program and the winners need not be present.  The three raffle items, worth approximately $85 each, include:  an Audubon-approved birdhouse; a Growler Carrier with two 32-ounce bottles of beer; and a Deluxe Emergency Backpack from Portland Emergency Services.

Outreach Committee

Leslie Pohl-Kosbau read a report from Outreach Committee chair Barbara Bowers.  The Committee, including two new members (Paula Hamilton and Melissa Light), met to discuss ways to improve the August 1 National Night Out program.  This included the proposed purchase of an HNA banner with a logo.  Melissa will oversee an expanded component of children’s activities.  Paula will recruit contributions from Hillsdale businesses and will ask the Wilson High School and the Robert Gray Middle School music departments to provide musical entertainment.  Sheila Fink and Leslie will ask On Point Credit Union for assistance with publicity, and will ask Friends of Terwilliger Parkway if they wish to have a booth.  Local police officer Jason Graf will speak and Fire Station No. 5 will be asked to participate.

Barbara spoke to HBPA president Mike Roach and it was decided to delay implementation of a plan to install a “Community Bulletin Board” somewhere in the business district.  Barbara is also exploring ways to expand HNA membership, such as making the website more appealing.  Barbara is asking for Board and Officer “Job Descriptions” and will work with Secretary Robert Hamilton to circulate them to potential candidates interested in being on the Board.  Elections for positions will be held at the September 6 meeting.

SWNI Transportation Committee

Eric Wilhelm reported that Mayor Ted Wheeler said the City will continue to support the goals of the Paris Accord.  Eric also recommended downloading the app “PDX Reporter” in order to be able to report transportation concerns and practical problems (e.g. storm-related street closures or serious pothole problems).  He said that the Biketown Program has been very successful and he invited HNA members to test the electric bike he used as transportation to tonight’s meeting.  It will also be available at the NNO event in August.  He recommended following the transportation bills in the Oregon Legislature and Leslie Pohl-Kosbau said she would share electronically Senate Bill 1008.

SW Trails PDX

Don Baack reported on the organization’s proposal to assume responsibility for repair and maintenance of SW 19th Avenue from Fairmount to Council Crest.  The Board supported the effort through a formal motion.

Land Use and SWNI

Glenn Bridger submitted a written report indicating “limited notices to HNA” this month.  Salvador Molly’s requests a Liquor License renewal and an accessory short-term rental permit on SW Cheltenham.  Glenn and Don escorted two BES leaders along SW Idaho Street to demonstrate the need for the City to improve the stormwater collection system while a development is taking place which would improve a portion of the street.  The developer of the property (formerly owned by and adjacent to St. Barnabas Church) stressed the importance of the City fulfilling its responsibility and refused a cash payment from the City as a way of avoiding City action by PBOT and/or BES.

Glenn also reported on a Better Housing by Design presentation by the City which showcased their “present thoughts on expanding housing options and choices in the ‘middle housing’ segment of zoning.”  The options complement positions taken by the HNA Board regarding middle housing initiatives.  He also shared a Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry application for a permit for “routine tree maintenance activities.”  Members can monitor PP&R activities through the app “Park Scan.”

Glenn announced that SWNI has elected new officers:  John Gibbon is the new president; Leslie Hammond is 1st vice president; Ryan Blum is 2nd vice president; Lee Buhler is treasurer; and Carol Porto is secretary.  Also, SWNI approved Bylaw changes which make more explicit the coalition’s commitment to equity and inclusion, and which refines the relationship between the Board and its committees.

Joan Frederiksen of the City’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability announced by email meetings on June 22 and 29 to inform citizens of “long-term land-use visions around the SW Naito/Kelly and West Portland Town Center/Crossroads areas,” both a part of SW Corridor Light Rail planning.

Public Safety and Crime Prevention Committee

Keturah Pennington encouraged members to attend forthcoming Quarterly Roundtable Meetings as they will address matters important to both property owners and renters.

SWNI Schools Committee

Michael Reunert announced that the Oregon Legislature has approved an 11% budget increase for K-12 schools.  Robert Hamilton reported on the May 18 SWNI Schools Committee meeting, noting that he responded to a survey reporting on the means used by HNA to learn about and participate in K-12 activities.  The proposed Action Plan of the Committee requires more volunteers to assist chair Maripat Hensel to execute the ambitious goals she has for the 2017-18 school year.  The next committee meeting–open to the public–will be Thursday, September 21, at the Multnomah Arts Center at 7 p.m.; room #4.

Additional Announcements

Robert reminded Members and the Board of former president Duane Huntings efforts to update the organization’s “Action Plan” and its eleven specific topics.  This is required because of the adoption of the 1997 Hillsdale Town Center Plan.  Robert will send it electronically to the Board and Alternates.

The effort to recruit a Chair for the July 5 meeting was unsuccessful, except that Don Baack said he would do so if no one else volunteers.  Thank you, Don.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Submitted by Robert Hamilton, Secretary

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