HNA Meeting Minutes for October 4, 2017

October 18, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Meeting October 4, 2017

Call to order 7:04 p.m.

Attendees introduced themselves, and discussed Halloween costumes past and present.

Eric opened with agenda review, and agreement to swap the order of presentations was the only change.

Keturah moved, Sheila seconded that Minutes of the prior meeting be approved as written.

Rick delivered Treasurers report indicating there had been no change in HNA account.

Leslie asked if updated board roster is on line. Rick confirmed that it will be on website.

Eric led discussion of Barbur Demonstration Project, what had been planned, and what never got funded. He described current status of some of the problem areas where investments had been called for.

In some cases low-cost approaches have been taken (i.e. adding paint to enhance safety of movement for bikes and pedestrians). Since the process has been ongoing over time, many standards have changed, and improvements will necessarily have to be different than original planned. Potential of SW Corridor development complicates decisions on some of the strategies, since alignment is not settled, and we don’t want to invest in projects that might get torn up.

Rick moved, and Leann seconded the proposal that HNA endorse the four proposed projects, but also that we provide a letter mentioning additional projects which the neighborhood would like to see prioritized on Custer and Capitol Hill Roads (Rick or Don will draft and submit the letter with these details).

Gary Fallou provided an update on the Golden Touch redevelopment, and the continued desire to vacate Falcon Street. The overall development project (land and construction) will run nearly $100 million, and includes a mix or residential and commercial (including anchor, Natural Grocery). Plan for 248 units, size will vary, but many will be 1-bedroom rentals (estimated rents $1,650) which are in high demand in the market area. Well established general contractors will be bidding on the project, which is being designed by McKenzie Group. Site is being designed to accommodate transit, bike lane. Negotiations took place with Comcast who determined they would not be relocating or upgrading their hub on this site, so development will work around them. They hope to break ground by spring 2018.

With light rail potentially opening in 2025, this project will contribute to concept of Barbur as a Boulevard—a place people can congregate and work, adding vibrancy, commerce.

Don moved, Rick seconded, unanimous reaffirmation of support for the vacation of Falcon Street.

Eric talked about Block Party program that PBOT guides. If by residents, no more than 4 block area can be closed. For “events,” can be larger site. Fees are low, city has tried to make process easy. Barricades would be under $100 for 4 blocks. Similar to what PBOT does for Sunday parkways. Requires flashing lights if after dark. Notification process would be door hangers on streets closed.

Proposal and goal: Halloween activity to make trick or treating safer in Hillsdale neighborhood, especially Wilson Park neighborhood with high density of young children—to make a car-free zone from Bertha to 12th on Chestnut, from 6-10 pm. Would require volunteers. Historically there is a lot of Halloween activity in that area, and fairly flat streets.

There were many questions about whether HNA or immediate neighbors should sponsor this type of activity, and what risks would be presented, as local access is still allowed through barricades (by cars). Questions about SWNI Insurance were discussed.

Many felt that there should be longer discussion about location, goals, logistics, and this should be considered next year. Many were willing to volunteer to help neighbors handle this if they decided to proceed this year, and it was not an HNA event.

There was interest in creating materials that would make it easier for neighbors to understand how to host this sort of activity. Agreed HNA would not sponsor this year.

Barbara delivered Outreach Committee report and shared guidelines on speaker development. Leslie has speaker for November. Adam will share tips on neighborhood snow and ice removal and activities in October. Still working on getting ONI director and/or Chloe Eudaly and/or Dan Saltzman to reflect on the role of NAs, and what changes might be contemplated. Barbara and Rick have been working to migrate to website SWNI sponsors, and will provide opportunities for Board and interested parties to comment on future direction.

Transportation: Eric described additional work on Southwest in Motion (SWIM). He would like help in identifying stakeholders: apartment complexes, businesses, residents, anyone interested in active transportation and transit…if there’s someone you think should be involved, let Eric know. He shared some information on Portland Livable Streets Plan. If anyone knows students interested in careers in this arena, there are scholarships available through the Portland Chapter of Women in Transportation.

A brief SWNI Board update was provided, discussion related to Portland Water quality and next steps, awaiting Council approval in 2018.

Reminders: Community Policing Appreciation Dinner Oct 26, 6:30; donations of winter clothes for homeless appreciated. 10am this Friday Rieke soccer field dedication.

Decision:  Rick will chair HNA meeting in November.

Arnie moved, Leslie seconded, unanimous decision to adjourn at 8:45 pm.

Agenda for HNA October 4, 2017 Meeting (Updated)

October 3, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church;

2201 SW Vermont; 7 p.m.


Note: Board members proposing a motion should provide the Secretary with a readable copy of the motion prior to a Board vote.  Also, if you are delivering a committee report, please provide the Secretary with a written copy of it, or notes relating to the subject matter.  Thank you.  Robert Hamilton (

Chair: Eric Wilhelm


7:00 p.m. Opening Agenda Review; approve / amend September meeting Minutes; Treasurer’s report

7:05 p.m. Introductions

7:10 p.m. Block Party / Hillsdale Open Streets event discussion

7:45 p.m. Falcon St vacation – Golden Touch (RW 7890)

8:00 p.m. Barbur Demonstration Project update / alternatives

Neighborhood Affairs and Informational Reports

8:10 p.m. Outreach Committee: Barbara Bowers; future speakers

8:20 p.m. Transportation Committee:  Glenn Bridger & Eric Wilhelm

8:25 p.m. Land Use and SWNI:  Glenn Bridger

8:30 p.m. SW Trails: Don Baack

8:35 p.m. Schools: Michael Reunert

8:40 p.m. Hillsdale Business & Professional Association

8:45 p.m. Other announcements and selection of November HNA Chair

8:50 p.m. Adjournment

Volunteer contact and interest inventory:
Neighborhood issues opinion survey:

HNA Minutes for September 6, 2017

September 28, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

2201 SW Vermont

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, October 4, at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

Action Item 2017-9-6-1 Rick Meigs moved that Robert Hamilton be re-elected as Secretary and that Leann Knapp, Leslie Pohl-Kosbau, Adam Light, David Friedman, and Eric Wilhelm be elected to the Board of Directors.  Members voted unanimously to approve the motion.

Action Item 2017-9-6-2 Glenn Bridger moved that the Board elect Leann Knapp as Vice-President and Rick Meigs as Treasurer.  The Board voted 5-0 to approve the motion.

Board member Don Baack chaired the meeting.  The Chase Bank account has grown to over $1,000 owing to a National Night Out fundraising raffle organized by Andrea Wall, whom members spontaneously applauded for her efforts.

Glenn Bridger introduced real estate developer Lance Johnson who, as co-applicant with Julia Markley, proposes a “Land Division Subdivision” to divide a property of 44,965 square-feet into seven lots in what is referred to as the “Hillsdale Triangle” bounded by SW Capitol Highway, SW Sunset Boulevard, and SW 18th Drive.  A 6,129 square-foot alley tract is proposed on the north end of the site.  The lots would range in size from 3,661 square feet to 8,635 square feet.  Current, no development exists on the site.  A new public pedestrian path is proposed along the southern boundary as well as vehicle traffic along the northern boundary.  A water quality basin for stormwater management and an additional catch basin and stormwater pipes are also proposed.  

Mr. Johnson answered numerous questions from members and other Hillsdale residents about the project and he proposed to return in November to provide an update on the project and again answer questions about it.  He plans to build the homes “slowly” over a period of time, stated that covenants have been discussed with existing neighbors, and said that the homes are planned to be two-stories each with 2-3 bedrooms and an attached garage.  Given the differences of opinion within the community about the project, “mediation” was suggested as a way to resolve questions about it.

Don Baack led a discussion of which of many different HNA logo designs used in the past should be adopted as an “official” one by the Board.  It was decided to postpone a motion on the matter until after further discussion at the October 4 meeting.

Neighborhood Affairs and Informational Reports

Outreach Committee

Barbara Bowers reported on the success of National Night Out on August 1 at DeWitt Park and said that the committee has evaluated it to determine possible modifications to its goals and activities for August 2018.  Barbara also discussed ways to increase attendance at HNA monthly meetings and periodic special forums by inviting guest speakers from government, the private and nonprofit sectors, universities and colleges, and community residents with special skill sets and experiences to address community residents.  Members suggested several topics which the committee should consider as ones relevant to Hillsdale and the Southwest.

  1. Urban Development; Robert Hamilton suggested  a presentation by Hillsdale resident and Assistant State Economist Josh Lehner, whom Robert is  happy to contact.  He worked with Lehner on the Main Street business development committee.  The economist could discuss Portland and Southwest demographics and economic projections.
  2. Conflict Resolution. Suggested by Leah Klass, herself a mediator.
  3.  Nick Farbo:  Don Baack provided him with a tour of Hillsdale Sept. 6 and made this recommendation.
  4. Winter Snow / Ice issues:  Mike Roach of HBPA discussed  this matter following last winter’s snow/ice problems. .
  5. Matt Binh of PBOT on SW Corridor planning.  Arnie Panitch is on that CAC.
  6. Emergency Preparedness:  obviously NET Hillsdale is a possible starting point.

Barbara also listed many positive existing features of Hillsdale: for example, the library, three public and other private schools, the Farmers Market, food carts and other restaurants, the swimming pool, diverse religious opportunities, good public transportation, walking trails, seven parks, and a vibrant commercial center.  Her “wish list” includes a building with space for a sit-down dinner as well as a playground for preschool children in the area of Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway.  She also reported efforts to make better use of Google Docs to communicate with residents, including the survey function and periodic publication of a newsletter.

Rick Meigs reported on his and the Outreach Committee efforts to expand the scope and increase the efficiency of the HNA website by shifting management responsibility to SWNI.  Board members will be invited to test the website at SWNI’s office in the future before it is made accessible to the public.


Eric Wilhelm reported on the Portland Bus Lane Project and the invitation for riders to inform City Council about your bus getting stuck in traffic.  This could support spending Transportation System Development Charge (TSDC) funds to promote public transportation.  These funds could be used to develop dedicated bus lanes, queue-jumping by buses, bus priority at stoplight intersections, and other measures.

Land Use and SWNI

Glenn Bridger reported that at 1015 SW Bertha Boulevard a new subdivision will be constructed to include seven new condominium row-houses facing Wilson Park.  Trees have been removed as part of the first phase.  Future SWNI events include:  Saturday, October 14: SW Corridor Equitable Housing Strategy, RESERVE, Marquam School; Thursday, October 26:  Community Policing Recognition; Saturday, November 4: SWNI Fall Cleanup, 9 a.m. at the Portland Christian Church.

SW Trails

Don Baack reported on efforts to reduce the speed limit on Burlingame Avenue north of Chestnut to 15 miles-per-hour.  And he reported that City Council has awarded SW Trails a grant of $23,000.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Robert Hamilton, Secretary


HNA September 6, 2017 Meeting Agenda

September 4, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 2201 SW Vermont St, 7 p.m.

Note: Board members proposing a motion should provide the Secretary with a readable copy of the motion prior to a Board vote.  Also, if you are delivering a committee report, please provide the Secretary with a written copy of it, or notes relating to the subject matter.  Thank you.  Robert Hamilton (

Chair: TBD


7:00 p.m. Opening Agenda Review; approve / amend July meeting Minutes; Treasurer’s report

7:05 p.m. Introductions

7:10 p.m. Election of Board Directors and Officers

7:40 p.m. Glenn Bridger and Lance Johnson:  Development Presentation

8:00 p.m. Don Baack: Discussion of HNA official logo; possible Board motion

Neighborhood Affairs and Informational Reports

8:10 p.m. Outreach Committee: Barbara Bowers; Website changes, NNO assessment

8:20 p.m. Transportation Committee:  Glenn Bridger & Eric Wilhelm

8:25 p.m. Land Use and SWNI:  Glenn Bridger

8:30 p.m. SW Trails: Don Baack

8:35 p.m. Schools: Michael Reunert

8:40 p.m. Hillsdale Business & Professional Association

8:45 p.m. Other announcements and selection of October HNA Chair

8:50 p.m. Adjournment


HNA Meeting Minutes for June 7, 2017

August 30, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

June 7, 2017

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church


Action Item 2017-6-7-1  Don Baack moved that the Board support a “Raffle to Benefit the SW 25th Avenue Trail Restoration Project and the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association.”  The motion passed 4-0.

Action Item 2017-6-7-2  Don Baack moved that the Board approve an expenditure of up to $75 for HNA’s National Night Out supplies and food.  The motion passed 4-0.

Action Item 2017-6-7-3  Don Baack moved that the Board invite Portland City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly in the Autumn, as her schedule permits, to discuss the “new direction” she foresees for the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. coalition, and for individual Neighborhood Associations.  The motion passed 4-0.

Action Item 2017-6-7-4  Don Baack moved that the Board support the proposal of SW Trails PDX  for a permit to manage the repair and ongoing maintenance of the trail built by neighborhood volunteers in 2003 that links the SW 19th Avenue right-of-way from SW Fairmount Boulevard to Council Crest, about 550 feet including two sets of stairs. The motion passed 4-0.

Eric Wilhelm chaired the meeting.  Treasurer Don Baack reported a balance of $673.85 in the Chase Bank account.

Andrea Wall reported on the SW 25th Avenue Right of Way Restoration and National Night Out program and fundraiser of August 1 at DeWitt Park.  Andrea has long experience with raffles which raise funds for community projects and associations.  In this case, raffle tickets for three items will be sold between July 23 (at the Hillsdale Sunday Farmers’ Market) and August 1 (at the July 30 Blueberry Pancake Breakfast organized by the Hillsdale Business & Professional Association).  The winning raffle tickets will be chosen at the NNO program and the winners need not be present.  The three raffle items, worth approximately $85 each, include:  an Audubon-approved birdhouse; a Growler Carrier with two 32-ounce bottles of beer; and a Deluxe Emergency Backpack from Portland Emergency Services.

Outreach Committee

Leslie Pohl-Kosbau read a report from Outreach Committee chair Barbara Bowers.  The Committee, including two new members (Paula Hamilton and Melissa Light), met to discuss ways to improve the August 1 National Night Out program.  This included the proposed purchase of an HNA banner with a logo.  Melissa will oversee an expanded component of children’s activities.  Paula will recruit contributions from Hillsdale businesses and will ask the Wilson High School and the Robert Gray Middle School music departments to provide musical entertainment.  Sheila Fink and Leslie will ask On Point Credit Union for assistance with publicity, and will ask Friends of Terwilliger Parkway if they wish to have a booth.  Local police officer Jason Graf will speak and Fire Station No. 5 will be asked to participate.

Barbara spoke to HBPA president Mike Roach and it was decided to delay implementation of a plan to install a “Community Bulletin Board” somewhere in the business district.  Barbara is also exploring ways to expand HNA membership, such as making the website more appealing.  Barbara is asking for Board and Officer “Job Descriptions” and will work with Secretary Robert Hamilton to circulate them to potential candidates interested in being on the Board.  Elections for positions will be held at the September 6 meeting.

SWNI Transportation Committee

Eric Wilhelm reported that Mayor Ted Wheeler said the City will continue to support the goals of the Paris Accord.  Eric also recommended downloading the app “PDX Reporter” in order to be able to report transportation concerns and practical problems (e.g. storm-related street closures or serious pothole problems).  He said that the Biketown Program has been very successful and he invited HNA members to test the electric bike he used as transportation to tonight’s meeting.  It will also be available at the NNO event in August.  He recommended following the transportation bills in the Oregon Legislature and Leslie Pohl-Kosbau said she would share electronically Senate Bill 1008.

SW Trails PDX

Don Baack reported on the organization’s proposal to assume responsibility for repair and maintenance of SW 19th Avenue from Fairmount to Council Crest.  The Board supported the effort through a formal motion.

Land Use and SWNI

Glenn Bridger submitted a written report indicating “limited notices to HNA” this month.  Salvador Molly’s requests a Liquor License renewal and an accessory short-term rental permit on SW Cheltenham.  Glenn and Don escorted two BES leaders along SW Idaho Street to demonstrate the need for the City to improve the stormwater collection system while a development is taking place which would improve a portion of the street.  The developer of the property (formerly owned by and adjacent to St. Barnabas Church) stressed the importance of the City fulfilling its responsibility and refused a cash payment from the City as a way of avoiding City action by PBOT and/or BES.

Glenn also reported on a Better Housing by Design presentation by the City which showcased their “present thoughts on expanding housing options and choices in the ‘middle housing’ segment of zoning.”  The options complement positions taken by the HNA Board regarding middle housing initiatives.  He also shared a Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry application for a permit for “routine tree maintenance activities.”  Members can monitor PP&R activities through the app “Park Scan.”

Glenn announced that SWNI has elected new officers:  John Gibbon is the new president; Leslie Hammond is 1st vice president; Ryan Blum is 2nd vice president; Lee Buhler is treasurer; and Carol Porto is secretary.  Also, SWNI approved Bylaw changes which make more explicit the coalition’s commitment to equity and inclusion, and which refines the relationship between the Board and its committees.

Joan Frederiksen of the City’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability announced by email meetings on June 22 and 29 to inform citizens of “long-term land-use visions around the SW Naito/Kelly and West Portland Town Center/Crossroads areas,” both a part of SW Corridor Light Rail planning.

Public Safety and Crime Prevention Committee

Keturah Pennington encouraged members to attend forthcoming Quarterly Roundtable Meetings as they will address matters important to both property owners and renters.

SWNI Schools Committee

Michael Reunert announced that the Oregon Legislature has approved an 11% budget increase for K-12 schools.  Robert Hamilton reported on the May 18 SWNI Schools Committee meeting, noting that he responded to a survey reporting on the means used by HNA to learn about and participate in K-12 activities.  The proposed Action Plan of the Committee requires more volunteers to assist chair Maripat Hensel to execute the ambitious goals she has for the 2017-18 school year.  The next committee meeting–open to the public–will be Thursday, September 21, at the Multnomah Arts Center at 7 p.m.; room #4.

Additional Announcements

Robert reminded Members and the Board of former president Duane Huntings efforts to update the organization’s “Action Plan” and its eleven specific topics.  This is required because of the adoption of the 1997 Hillsdale Town Center Plan.  Robert will send it electronically to the Board and Alternates.

The effort to recruit a Chair for the July 5 meeting was unsuccessful, except that Don Baack said he would do so if no one else volunteers.  Thank you, Don.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Submitted by Robert Hamilton, Secretary

HNA Meeting Minutes for July 5, 2017

August 30, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association
July 5, 2017
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church


Action Item 2017-7-5-1 Barbara Bowers moved that we formally adopt the header of the HNA website as the official logo of the organization.  The motion was seconded, but following an extended discussion, Chair Don Baack declared it to be a “Controversial Issue” and a Board vote was postponed to September 6.

Action Item 2017-7-5-2 Glenn Bridger moved that Andrea Wall, coordinator of the SW 25th Avenue Right of Way Restoration Project, requests that the $75 cost, including shipping, of the August 1 National Night Out raffle prize “Emergency Kit,” valued at $87.90, be deducted from the proceeds raised from the sale of raffle tickets.  The remaining proceeds will then be shared equally between the HNA and the Restoration Project.  The motion was seconded and passed 6-0 by the Board.

Chair Don Baack reminded members that HNA’s National Night Out will take place on Tuesday, August 1, from 6 to 8 p.m. at DeWitt Park, across from the Hillsdale Library and that this event will substitute for an August meeting.  The next membership meeting will be at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 2201 SW Vermont, beginning at 7 p.m.

The June meeting Minutes were approved and Treasurer Don stated that the bank account is approximately $650.  Members introduced themselves and shared significant personal memories of summer events from their past.

Garner Moody of Lloyd Development, LLC, discussed a proposed land subdivision at 2540 SW Sunset.  Mr. Moody represents clients who wish to divide a lot of 15,000 square feet into two lots of 7,500 square feet each for the purpose of building two homes where only one home was permitted by the CC&Rs written in 1941.  He distributed copies of the existing original CC&Rs, ones which included a provision outlawed by the courts which restricted ownership to “Caucasians” alone (except for “domestic servants”).  Mr. Moody and his clients wish to develop new CC&Rs for HNA members to review in the future and he will then seek support of them and building designs which will be submitted to the City.  These will also need the support of property owners within and adjacent to the lots proposed for development.

Neighborhood Affairs and Informational Reports

Outreach Committee

Barbara Bowers proposed that the Board approve the use of the logo appearing at the HNA website as the “official logo” of the organization.  Following a long discussion of various logo designs and logo-types which have been used by HNA, the Hillsdale Community Foundation and Main Street,  and the Hillsdale Business & Professional Association, it was determined by the Chair that this was a “controversial issue” requiring greater “member and public input” and a vote was postponed until September 6.  However, the postponement will not prevent the development of an HNA banner to be used on August 1 at National Night Out which employs the logo found on the HNA website.

Barbara also reported that posters will soon appear in the store windows of local businesses and that public announcements will be made regarding NNO.  Melissa Light is planning August 1 activities for children, booths are being planned for preceding events advertising NNO, Josh Kaddish will provide a sound system and will offer musical entertainment, Paula Hamilton is collecting door prizes from Hillsdale businesses, Sergeant Jason Graf of the Portland police will speak to the NNO crowd and the fire department will open its doors for inspection of their equipment, Remax Realty will offer parking space,  and that tables and chairs will be loaned by the library and Farmer’s Market.

Andrea Wall reported on the effort to sell raffle tickets for three items, the revenue of which, minus the $75 cost of the “Emergency Kit,” will be equally divided between HNA and the “SW 25th Avenue Right of Way Restoration Project.”

SW Trails PDX

Don Baack reported that supplemental funding for the SW 25th Safe Route to School from Bertha Boulevard to Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway will be proposed by Commissioner Dan Saltzman at the City Council meeting of July 26.

SWNI and Land Use

Glenn Bridger announced that new SWNI president John Gibbon appointed chairs for several committees, excepting that of the Watershed Committee.  Watershed Coordinator Jen Seamans has left for graduate school; our Southwest watershed challenges are different than those in other parts of Portland and SWNI has a contract with the City’s Bureau of Environmental Services to provide tailored expertise.  Glenn encouraged members to fill out the questionnaires online relating to land use and the search for a new director of ONI.  

The 2035 Comprehensive Plan update is available at “Code Reconciliation Project.”  


Michael Reunert reported that the Legislature has appropriated more money than originally expected to fund Oregon’s schools during the next biennium.  But it still considered too small an increase to avoid larger class sizes.  He also reported that the annual outdoor work party at Wilson High School will be August 29.

Don reminded members that the HBPA Blueberry Pancake Breakfast will be Sunday, July 30, in the central business district.

As chair, Don also appointed a Nominating Committee of Glenn Bridger, Rick Meigs, and Sheila Fink for the September 6 election of Board Directors and Officers.  Don announced that he will continue as a Board member but will resign as Treasurer.   Secretary Robert Hamilton emailed information to the Directors and Alternates regarding the Board vacancies and those positions up for election. The list is the one used in 2016.  Voting for odd-number positions and others include:   1 President (vacant); 2 Vice-President (vacant; will need to be re-elected in 2018); 3. Robert Hamilton, Secretary; 5. Vacant; 7. Vacant; 9. Wes Risher; and 11. Eric Wilhelm.  So, in other words, in September 2017, we actually have seven positions either currently vacant, or have current occupants who need to be re-elected.  Robert said he will stand for re-election, and Wes and Eric need to inform the Nominating Committee whether they will too.

In a meeting recently with Wes, he said he would be happy to be an Alternate to Leslie Pohl-Kosbau (if she is willing to be a Board Director), so Wes and Leslie should discuss this matter and inform the Nominating Committee how they would like to proceed.  Will the Board candidate be Wes or Leslie?


Earlier today, I shared my thoughts below with Sheila and Barbara but now invite all of you, including Alternates, to comment upon a “new model” for communicating with the public (residents and others) and for conducting our meetings.  The downside is that Committee Reports would be written and sent to me for posting at the website but not delivered publicly at a monthly meeting (unless it resulted in a Motion and the need for discussion and a Board vote).  The upside, or advantage, is that it would allow us to devote meeting time to presentations by invited guests (officials, etc.).  

I look forward to your thoughtful comments to my proposed “new model” below.  Feel free to share with “All” or with me privately.

“Second, I want to pursue the “new model” of how we conduct our communications with the Hillsdale residents and how we conduct our monthly meetings.  I tried to summarize on July 5 the suggestions I heard from Keturah and other members:  ask for written reports beforehand from Eric, Don, Michael, Barbara, Glenn, etc. so that I can post them to the HNA website, perhaps as part of the “Minutes” or under a new heading such as “Committee Reports.”  Those wanting to read these reports could do so at the website.

“I and the Board and Alternates would then determine who we want to address HNA each month on matters of substantive interest relating to land use, transportation, etc.  We would plan ahead so that we could be assured that each month we would have a featured speaker:  manager of one of the city’s bureaus or agencies, or a City Commissioner, County Commissioner, or State official.  We would then advertise the speaker and topic at the website and in SWNI News and through NextDoor Hillsdale in order to attract a larger attendance at our monthly HNA meetings.  Obviously, we also have to allow time for Board members each month to propose motions and time for discussion.”

Submitted by Robert Hamilton, Secretary


HNA Meeting Agenda for Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 2, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 2201 SW Vermont St

No August membership meeting, but plan to attend HNA’s National Night Out on Tuesday, August 1 from 6 to 8 p.m. at DeWitt Park, across from the Hillsdale Library.

Next membership meeting: Wednesday, September 6; St. Barnabas Episcopal Church; 2201 SW Vermont; 7 p.m.

Note: Board members proposing a motion should provide the Secretary with a readable copy of the motion prior to a Board vote.  Also, if you are delivering a committee report, please provide the Secretary with a written copy of it, or notes relating to the subject matter.  Thank you.  Robert Hamilton (

Chair:  Don Baack


7:00 p.m. Opening Agenda Review; approve/amend June meeting Minutes; Treasurer’s report.

7:05 p.m. Introductions

7:10 p.m. Garner Moody; Lloyd Development, LLC; and Glenn Bridger

Neighborhood Affairs and Informational Reports

7:25 p.m. Andrea Wall; NNO and Raffle Ticket Sales

7:40 p.m. Outreach Committee: Barbara Bowers

7:50 p.m. Transportation Committee: Eric Wilhelm

8:00 p.m. SW Trails: Don Baack

8:10 p.m. SWNI: Glenn Bridger

8:20 p.m Schools: Michael Reunert and Robert Hamilton

8:30 p.m. Hillsdale Business & Professional Association

8:40 p.m. Other announcements and selection of September’s HNA Chair

8:45 p.m. Adjournment

Volunteer contact and interest inventory:
Neighborhood issues opinion survey:

2017 Portland Traffic and Transportation Class

June 22, 2017

The City of Portland Bureau of Transportation & Portland State University are pleased to announce the 2017 Portland Traffic and Transportation Class.  This interactive Portland State University class, which meets Fall Term, is open to all Portland residents and offers a unique opportunity to learn about the city’s transportation system while working on actual neighborhood projects that affect your community.

You can learn more about the class at:

The class is free for Portland residents and we’d like to inform you and your neighbors about this great opportunity. As the Chair/Co-Chair/President of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association, you are encouraged to sign up for the class if you are interested. In addition, inclusion in your newsletter and/or on an email distribution list or a mention at your next meeting would be most welcomed and appreciated.

Below is a short, bullet-point style description and a narrative.

  • Calling all transportation activists – Learn how the city that works, works!  And how you can affect change in your neighborhood.
  • The Portland Traffic and Transportation Class offers residents the opportunity to learn about the city’s transportation system while working on actual neighborhood projects that affect your community.
  • Work with decision and policy-makers, planners, scholars and engineers to get your neighborhood transportation project moving.
  • This interactive Portland State University class is open to all Portland residents and full scholarships are available. New for 2017: the course will be live-streamed for participants who might otherwise not be able to attend during class sessions, which meet on the PSU campus.
  • Learn more on the website – – or contact Sarah Goforth at 503-823-9863.

HNA June 7, 2017 Meeting Agenda (Updated)

June 6, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

June 7, 2017

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 2201 SW Vermont St

Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 5; 7:00 p.m.;  St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

Note:  Board members proposing a motion should provide the Secretary with a readable copy of the motion prior to a Board vote.  Also, if you are delivering a committee report, please provide the Secretary with a written copy of it, or notes relating to the subject matter.  Thank you.

Chair:  Eric Wilhelm


7:00 p.m. Opening Agenda Review; Approve/Amend May Meeting Minutes; Treasurer’s Report

7:05 p.m. Introductions

7:10 p.m. Andrea Wall: 25th Avenue ROW Restoration; and National Night Out fundraiser

Hearing on SWTrails PDX Trail Maintenance

“The Hillsdale NA will conduct a hearing at their regular meeting June 7th at 7 pm at St Barnabas Church parish hall 2201 SW Vermont on the request by SWTrails PDX for a permit to manage the repair and ongoing maintenance of the trail built by neighborhood volunteers in 2003 that goes along SW 19th right of way from SW Fairmount Blvd to Council Crest, about 550 feet including two sets of stairs. The trail goes just west of the base of the KGON tower.”

Neighborhood Affairs and Informational Reports

7:20 p.m.  Outreach Committee:  Barbara Bowers

7:25 p.m.  Outreach: Funding Request

7:30 p.m.  Transportation: Eric Wilhelm

7:40 p.m.  SW Trails: Don Baack

7:50 p.m.  Land Use Notices and SWNI:  Glenn Bridger

8:05 p.m.  Schools:  Michael Reunert and Robert Hamilton

8:15 p.m.  Hillsdale Business and Professional Association

Other Announcements

8:29 p.m. Selection of Next Meeting’s Chair

8:30 p.m. Adjournment

Volunteer contact and interest inventory:
Neighborhood issues opinion survey:

HNA Meeting Minutes for May 3, 2017

May 12, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

May 3, 2017

The Watershed at Hillsdale

Action Item 2017-5-3-1 Barbara Bowers moved that HNA reserve Gabriel Park for the annual Smile Oregon fundraiser.  The motion passed 6-0.

Action Item 2017-5-3-2 Barbara Bowers moved that HNA hold a joint May meeting with the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association to discuss ways to collaborate to install a portable Community Blackboard in the Hillsdale Business District.  The motion failed as a result of a 3-3 tie vote.

Action Item 2017-5-3-3 Don Baack moved that HNA support neighborhood nonprofit corporation fundraising projects.  The motion passed 6-0.

Don Baack chaired the May 3 meeting and, as Treasurer, noted an increase in the Chase Bank account to $702.

Rick Meigs introduced Pat Murphy of the Compassion Clinic who described the free day-long clinic which will provide medical and dental services on Saturday, May  20, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Wilson High School.  A free pancake breakfast begins at 6 a.m. that day.  Pat said they typically have 250-300 patients each year.  WHS principal Brian Chatard praised the work of the clinic and reversed the proposed 2017 fee for using the school facilities.

Wes Risher reported on the Code Compliance request to US Bank, the  removal in 2016 of a substantial number of trees and other plants around the perimeter of the US Bank and A-Boy parking lot, and the need to restore the original vegetation.  Wes stated that the City Bureau of Developmental Services is taking the lead in investigating who removed the vegetation and replaced it with less aesthetically appealing, smaller plants and rocks.  The Friends of Terwilliger’s president, Anton Vetterlein, sent HNA their letter of concern and several attached photographs documenting the “Before” and “After” (current) situation.  Wes, Don Baack, and Robert Hamilton have discussed the matter’s legal aspects and will provide more information and arrange for appropriate speakers to address HNA at the June 7 meeting.

Dr. Richard Garfinkle described the work of Smile Oregon and the Board voted unanimously to support its request that we reserve Gabriel Park for its annual summer fundraiser.  Smile Oregon provides cranial and facial procedures for 350-400 patients yearly, utilizing the skills of volunteer orthodontists.

Outreach Committee

Chair Barbara Bowers reported that the April 24 forum on determining more ways for Hillsdale to be a welcoming and inclusive community “was very well received.”  The international potluck drew 50 participants to St. Barnabas Episcopal Church to listen to featured speakers Samira Godil and Emilio Hernandez share their experiences as a medical clinic director and community organizer respectively.  A full report on the forum will be written and posted to the HNA website.

Barbara also discussed the Committee proposal to acquire a large, portable “Community Blackboard” which could be transported to different locations within the Hillsdale Business District such that residents and others could write comments and pose questions for all to consider.  Barbara proposed a motion to hold a joint monthly meeting with the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association on June 21 at 8 a.m. at The Watershed.  Members then suggested multiple positive ways to use the Community Blackboard to enhance public communication but the Board vote was a tie and the specific motion failed.  Barbara and the Outreach Committee will take the members’ suggestions and act to realize the goals of the Blackboard concept.

Barbara had previously asked members and committee chairs to develop a job description for HNA positions to help the effort to recruit missing officers (i.e. President and Vice President) and unfilled committee chair positions.  Barbara will develop a form to help members estimate the responsibilities of each position and the time necessary each month to fulfill the duties.  She also asked that we update the website to make it more useful to those who cannot or do not attend monthly meetings.

Neighborhood Reports

Land Use and SWNI

Leah Klass summarized a written report from Glenn Bridger.  “Celebrate Our Success” will be hosted by SWNI on June 5 at 6:30 p.m. at the Multnomah Arts Center.  HNA chose its 2016 National Night Out program as its success story.

With Watershed Resource Manager Jen Seamans’ departure for graduate school, SWNI  will be accepting applications from those interested in replacing her.  The SWNI Retreat (April 29) emphasized the need for Neighborhood Associations to include “equity and inclusion” goals and activities.  HNA will build upon its recent community forum success and  pursue further discussion as well as practical means to be more inclusive and welcoming.

Portland Maps now shows “action on requests for short-term rental permits.”  Explore its capabilities by first using your own address to see what the City has in their databases regarding your property.

A notice of a Type II Decision was given for the site address of 1211 SW Hessler Drive, the property owners wanting to legalize an expanded paved parking space and driveway in the front yard area of the home.  Two new parking spaces were approved.  Also, an Accessory Short Term Rental Permit application was submitted for 6825 SW Capitol Highway, #21.  Finally, Lance Johnson, a property owner on SW 18th Avenue, notified HNA of a proposed change in the lot lines to accommodate changes in the public alley.


Michael Reunert reported that Portland Public Schools is anticipating less state funding due to the budget crisis.  This will result in fewer teachers and staff for the 2017-18 school year.  A  $790 million PPS bond measure is on the May 16 ballot, the money to be used for safety improvements and rebuilding of some schools.  Oregon will be offering new ways to improve assistance to struggling schools, replacing measures required under the federal “No Child Left Behind” program.

Leah Klass also contacted Gary Datka (503-823-5574), project manager of the Mary Rieke Elementary School construction.  A  contractor has been selected and City Council should approve the project May 10.  Field removal is expected to begin May 22, “and full construction soon after that.”

Don Baack reported that he, Rick Meigs, and Robert Hamilton are working again to produce a draft Good Neighbor Agreement between HNA and Robert Gray Middle School, and hope to have one by September.

Hillsdale Business & Professional Association

Dr. Richard Garfinkle announced that the annual Blueberry Pancake Breakfast will be Sunday, July 30.  He stated he would discuss the proposed Community Blackboard project at the May HBPA meeting.  And, he also confirmed that the Hillsdale Community Foundation has money for small grants to help enhance community livability.


Eric Wilhelm reported that there was a Safe Routes to School Open House on April 25.  He noted that PBOT and ODOT seem to be putting the burden of safety on kids, parents, and schools rather than reducing dangers and controlling cars, including many suburban commuters cutting through neighborhoods.  This treatment leads to many parents driving their kids to school, adding to congestion and causing more danger for kids walking and biking.

On April 27, SWNI hosted a Traffic Safety Action Workshop where neighbors learned how to seek solutions to traffic safety issues.

SW Trails

Don Baack reported making “no progress with  the City (PBOT) on the safe routes to school project for students from Stephens Creek Crossing and other users seeking to cross safely from SW Bertha to BH Hwy.”  SWT  continues to work on trails aspects of the Southwest in Motion (SWIM) project.  The next walk is May 13 at 9 a.m.; meet at Wilson HS food carts;  6 miles with 1,100-foot elevation gain,  mostly in Hillsdale on some newer trails.

Submitted by Robert Hamilton, Secretary