HNA Meeting Agenda for Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 2, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 2201 SW Vermont St

No August membership meeting, but plan to attend HNA’s National Night Out on Tuesday, August 1 from 6 to 8 p.m. at DeWitt Park, across from the Hillsdale Library.

Next membership meeting: Wednesday, September 6; St. Barnabas Episcopal Church; 2201 SW Vermont; 7 p.m.

Note: Board members proposing a motion should provide the Secretary with a readable copy of the motion prior to a Board vote.  Also, if you are delivering a committee report, please provide the Secretary with a written copy of it, or notes relating to the subject matter.  Thank you.  Robert Hamilton (

Chair:  Don Baack


7:00 p.m. Opening Agenda Review; approve/amend June meeting Minutes; Treasurer’s report.

7:05 p.m. Introductions

7:10 p.m. Garner Moody; Lloyd Development, LLC; and Glenn Bridger

Neighborhood Affairs and Informational Reports

7:25 p.m. Andrea Wall; NNO and Raffle Ticket Sales

7:40 p.m. Outreach Committee: Barbara Bowers

7:50 p.m. Transportation Committee: Eric Wilhelm

8:00 p.m. SW Trails: Don Baack

8:10 p.m. SWNI: Glenn Bridger

8:20 p.m Schools: Michael Reunert and Robert Hamilton

8:30 p.m. Hillsdale Business & Professional Association

8:40 p.m. Other announcements and selection of September’s HNA Chair

8:45 p.m. Adjournment

Volunteer contact and interest inventory:
Neighborhood issues opinion survey:

2017 Portland Traffic and Transportation Class

June 22, 2017

The City of Portland Bureau of Transportation & Portland State University are pleased to announce the 2017 Portland Traffic and Transportation Class.  This interactive Portland State University class, which meets Fall Term, is open to all Portland residents and offers a unique opportunity to learn about the city’s transportation system while working on actual neighborhood projects that affect your community.

You can learn more about the class at:

The class is free for Portland residents and we’d like to inform you and your neighbors about this great opportunity. As the Chair/Co-Chair/President of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association, you are encouraged to sign up for the class if you are interested. In addition, inclusion in your newsletter and/or on an email distribution list or a mention at your next meeting would be most welcomed and appreciated.

Below is a short, bullet-point style description and a narrative.

  • Calling all transportation activists – Learn how the city that works, works!  And how you can affect change in your neighborhood.
  • The Portland Traffic and Transportation Class offers residents the opportunity to learn about the city’s transportation system while working on actual neighborhood projects that affect your community.
  • Work with decision and policy-makers, planners, scholars and engineers to get your neighborhood transportation project moving.
  • This interactive Portland State University class is open to all Portland residents and full scholarships are available. New for 2017: the course will be live-streamed for participants who might otherwise not be able to attend during class sessions, which meet on the PSU campus.
  • Learn more on the website – – or contact Sarah Goforth at 503-823-9863.

HNA June 7, 2017 Meeting Agenda (Updated)

June 6, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

June 7, 2017

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 2201 SW Vermont St

Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 5; 7:00 p.m.;  St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

Note:  Board members proposing a motion should provide the Secretary with a readable copy of the motion prior to a Board vote.  Also, if you are delivering a committee report, please provide the Secretary with a written copy of it, or notes relating to the subject matter.  Thank you.

Chair:  Eric Wilhelm


7:00 p.m. Opening Agenda Review; Approve/Amend May Meeting Minutes; Treasurer’s Report

7:05 p.m. Introductions

7:10 p.m. Andrea Wall: 25th Avenue ROW Restoration; and National Night Out fundraiser

Hearing on SWTrails PDX Trail Maintenance

“The Hillsdale NA will conduct a hearing at their regular meeting June 7th at 7 pm at St Barnabas Church parish hall 2201 SW Vermont on the request by SWTrails PDX for a permit to manage the repair and ongoing maintenance of the trail built by neighborhood volunteers in 2003 that goes along SW 19th right of way from SW Fairmount Blvd to Council Crest, about 550 feet including two sets of stairs. The trail goes just west of the base of the KGON tower.”

Neighborhood Affairs and Informational Reports

7:20 p.m.  Outreach Committee:  Barbara Bowers

7:25 p.m.  Outreach: Funding Request

7:30 p.m.  Transportation: Eric Wilhelm

7:40 p.m.  SW Trails: Don Baack

7:50 p.m.  Land Use Notices and SWNI:  Glenn Bridger

8:05 p.m.  Schools:  Michael Reunert and Robert Hamilton

8:15 p.m.  Hillsdale Business and Professional Association

Other Announcements

8:29 p.m. Selection of Next Meeting’s Chair

8:30 p.m. Adjournment

Volunteer contact and interest inventory:
Neighborhood issues opinion survey:

HNA Meeting Minutes for May 3, 2017

May 12, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

May 3, 2017

The Watershed at Hillsdale

Action Item 2017-5-3-1 Barbara Bowers moved that HNA reserve Gabriel Park for the annual Smile Oregon fundraiser.  The motion passed 6-0.

Action Item 2017-5-3-2 Barbara Bowers moved that HNA hold a joint May meeting with the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association to discuss ways to collaborate to install a portable Community Blackboard in the Hillsdale Business District.  The motion failed as a result of a 3-3 tie vote.

Action Item 2017-5-3-3 Don Baack moved that HNA support neighborhood nonprofit corporation fundraising projects.  The motion passed 6-0.

Don Baack chaired the May 3 meeting and, as Treasurer, noted an increase in the Chase Bank account to $702.

Rick Meigs introduced Pat Murphy of the Compassion Clinic who described the free day-long clinic which will provide medical and dental services on Saturday, May  20, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Wilson High School.  A free pancake breakfast begins at 6 a.m. that day.  Pat said they typically have 250-300 patients each year.  WHS principal Brian Chatard praised the work of the clinic and reversed the proposed 2017 fee for using the school facilities.

Wes Risher reported on the Code Compliance request to US Bank, the  removal in 2016 of a substantial number of trees and other plants around the perimeter of the US Bank and A-Boy parking lot, and the need to restore the original vegetation.  Wes stated that the City Bureau of Developmental Services is taking the lead in investigating who removed the vegetation and replaced it with less aesthetically appealing, smaller plants and rocks.  The Friends of Terwilliger’s president, Anton Vetterlein, sent HNA their letter of concern and several attached photographs documenting the “Before” and “After” (current) situation.  Wes, Don Baack, and Robert Hamilton have discussed the matter’s legal aspects and will provide more information and arrange for appropriate speakers to address HNA at the June 7 meeting.

Dr. Richard Garfinkle described the work of Smile Oregon and the Board voted unanimously to support its request that we reserve Gabriel Park for its annual summer fundraiser.  Smile Oregon provides cranial and facial procedures for 350-400 patients yearly, utilizing the skills of volunteer orthodontists.

Outreach Committee

Chair Barbara Bowers reported that the April 24 forum on determining more ways for Hillsdale to be a welcoming and inclusive community “was very well received.”  The international potluck drew 50 participants to St. Barnabas Episcopal Church to listen to featured speakers Samira Godil and Emilio Hernandez share their experiences as a medical clinic director and community organizer respectively.  A full report on the forum will be written and posted to the HNA website.

Barbara also discussed the Committee proposal to acquire a large, portable “Community Blackboard” which could be transported to different locations within the Hillsdale Business District such that residents and others could write comments and pose questions for all to consider.  Barbara proposed a motion to hold a joint monthly meeting with the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association on June 21 at 8 a.m. at The Watershed.  Members then suggested multiple positive ways to use the Community Blackboard to enhance public communication but the Board vote was a tie and the specific motion failed.  Barbara and the Outreach Committee will take the members’ suggestions and act to realize the goals of the Blackboard concept.

Barbara had previously asked members and committee chairs to develop a job description for HNA positions to help the effort to recruit missing officers (i.e. President and Vice President) and unfilled committee chair positions.  Barbara will develop a form to help members estimate the responsibilities of each position and the time necessary each month to fulfill the duties.  She also asked that we update the website to make it more useful to those who cannot or do not attend monthly meetings.

Neighborhood Reports

Land Use and SWNI

Leah Klass summarized a written report from Glenn Bridger.  “Celebrate Our Success” will be hosted by SWNI on June 5 at 6:30 p.m. at the Multnomah Arts Center.  HNA chose its 2016 National Night Out program as its success story.

With Watershed Resource Manager Jen Seamans’ departure for graduate school, SWNI  will be accepting applications from those interested in replacing her.  The SWNI Retreat (April 29) emphasized the need for Neighborhood Associations to include “equity and inclusion” goals and activities.  HNA will build upon its recent community forum success and  pursue further discussion as well as practical means to be more inclusive and welcoming.

Portland Maps now shows “action on requests for short-term rental permits.”  Explore its capabilities by first using your own address to see what the City has in their databases regarding your property.

A notice of a Type II Decision was given for the site address of 1211 SW Hessler Drive, the property owners wanting to legalize an expanded paved parking space and driveway in the front yard area of the home.  Two new parking spaces were approved.  Also, an Accessory Short Term Rental Permit application was submitted for 6825 SW Capitol Highway, #21.  Finally, Lance Johnson, a property owner on SW 18th Avenue, notified HNA of a proposed change in the lot lines to accommodate changes in the public alley.


Michael Reunert reported that Portland Public Schools is anticipating less state funding due to the budget crisis.  This will result in fewer teachers and staff for the 2017-18 school year.  A  $790 million PPS bond measure is on the May 16 ballot, the money to be used for safety improvements and rebuilding of some schools.  Oregon will be offering new ways to improve assistance to struggling schools, replacing measures required under the federal “No Child Left Behind” program.

Leah Klass also contacted Gary Datka (503-823-5574), project manager of the Mary Rieke Elementary School construction.  A  contractor has been selected and City Council should approve the project May 10.  Field removal is expected to begin May 22, “and full construction soon after that.”

Don Baack reported that he, Rick Meigs, and Robert Hamilton are working again to produce a draft Good Neighbor Agreement between HNA and Robert Gray Middle School, and hope to have one by September.

Hillsdale Business & Professional Association

Dr. Richard Garfinkle announced that the annual Blueberry Pancake Breakfast will be Sunday, July 30.  He stated he would discuss the proposed Community Blackboard project at the May HBPA meeting.  And, he also confirmed that the Hillsdale Community Foundation has money for small grants to help enhance community livability.


Eric Wilhelm reported that there was a Safe Routes to School Open House on April 25.  He noted that PBOT and ODOT seem to be putting the burden of safety on kids, parents, and schools rather than reducing dangers and controlling cars, including many suburban commuters cutting through neighborhoods.  This treatment leads to many parents driving their kids to school, adding to congestion and causing more danger for kids walking and biking.

On April 27, SWNI hosted a Traffic Safety Action Workshop where neighbors learned how to seek solutions to traffic safety issues.

SW Trails

Don Baack reported making “no progress with  the City (PBOT) on the safe routes to school project for students from Stephens Creek Crossing and other users seeking to cross safely from SW Bertha to BH Hwy.”  SWT  continues to work on trails aspects of the Southwest in Motion (SWIM) project.  The next walk is May 13 at 9 a.m.; meet at Wilson HS food carts;  6 miles with 1,100-foot elevation gain,  mostly in Hillsdale on some newer trails.

Submitted by Robert Hamilton, Secretary

HNA May 3, 2017 Meeting Agenda

April 30, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Watershed in Hillsdale, 6388 SW Capitol Hwy

Chair: Don Baack



7:00 p.m. Opening, Agenda Review, Approve April Meeting Minutes; Treasurer’s Report

7:05 p.m. Introductions

7:10 p.m. Wes Risher, Plantings Removed at Barbur and Terwilliger; US Bank representative; may need to reschedule in June

Don Baack: Judah Garfinkle, Smile Oregon request for sponsorship

Rick Meigs and Pat Murphy – Compassion Clinic (15 minutes)

7:25 p.m. Neighborhood Affairs and Informational Reports

  1. Reports with request for public input
  2. Public input period
  3. Reports not requesting public input

Outreach: Barbara Bowers

Schools: Michael Reunert and Robert Hamilton

Hillsdale Business and Professional Association

Transportation: Eric Wilhelm

SWNI: Glenn Bridger

Land Use Notices: Glenn Bridger

SW Trails:  Don Baack

8:25 p.m. Other Announcements

8:30 Any Remaining Reports


HNA Meeting Minutes for April 5, 2017

April 18, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

April 5, 2017

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

Action Item 2017-4-5-1 Barbara Bowers moved that HNA donate $100 to its April 24 program:  “A Welcoming and Inclusive Community?”.  The motion was seconded and passed 6-0.

Action Item 2017-4-5-2 Robert Hamilton moved that HNA support the candidacy of Don Baack for the Citizen Advisory Committee of the City of Portland Pedestrian Plan.  The motion was seconded and passed 6-0.  (See HNA letter to Commissioner Saltzman and others below.)

Action Item 2017-4-5-3 Leslie Pohl-Kosbau moved that HNA support the project to replace the aging “Hillsdale” signpost.  The motion was seconded and passed 6-0.

The meeting, chaired by Adam Light, began at 7 p.m.  The agenda was modified, members introduced themselves, the bank account ($502) was unchanged, and Sheila Greenlaw-Fink introduced featured speaker Dr. Sharon Meieran, Multnomah County Commissioner.

Dr. Meieran, an emergency room physician, addressed the need for all residents of the neighborhood to consider themselves and to be considered by others as “equals.”  As an “inclusive” community, we should welcome all who choose to reside here, and to respect their civil, Constitutional, and legal rights regardless of their citizenship status, income, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or gender/sexual definition.  She described the Multnomah County government as one whose responsibilities are very broad, even comprehensive, and “inclusivity” is, therefore, inherently embedded in its legal charge and mission.  While it has no zoning responsibilities, it does deal with housing, law enforcement, education, and other matters relating to livability.

Commissioner Meieran then answered member questions pertaining to: immigration, homelessness and collaborative housing approaches, and other matters.  She recommended the documentary film “Thirteen” for its creative program aimed to decrease prison recidivism rates.

Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) leaders Lisa De Graaf (Team Lead; and Becky Cude (, along with TSvi (Howard) Epstein, invited members to attend NET training classes at Neveh Shalom’s Stamfer Chapel on Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m. beginning June  20 and continuing until the end of August.   One hundred new NET volunteers are needed.  The sign-up website is:

Adam Light reported on the proposed “Hillsdale Community Playground” to be located at Mary Rieke Elementary School.  Their fundraising goal is $125,000 for new equipment to supplement the existing ones.  Construction is expected to begin in August.

Neighborhood Affairs and Informational Reports

These include:  (1) Reports with request for public input; (2) A public input period; and (3) Reports not requesting public input.


Barbara Bowers reported that the committee worked on the community forum titled A Welcoming and Inclusive Community? It will be held at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church; Monday, April 24, from 6:45 to 8:30 p.m.  Samira Godil, executive director of the Southwest Community Health Center (representing Muslim residents), and Maria Elena Guerrera, executive director of the Farmworker Housing Development Corp. (representing Latinx residents) will be featured speakers.  Questions from the audience will be read and answered.  Refreshments will begin at 6:45 p.m. and presentations at 7:00 p.m.  Board members and others are encouraged to contribute “finger foods” as refreshments and/or a cash donation.


Eric Wilhelm reported that the City is taking applications until April 16 for 15 positions on the CAC for the Pedestrian Plan.  The Board unanimously supported Don Baack’s application.  Eric discussed the qualities the City is seeking in applicants to represent as much of Portland’s geographic diversity as possible while also representing the pedestrian experience necessary to take a holistic systems perspective as well as commercial, business, and economic development knowledge of the City.  Public transportation expertise and an awareness of service to vulnerable communities will also be considered.


Michael Reunert and Robert Hamilton reported SWNI Schools Committee and Hillsdale school news.  To give students and the public greater access to public library services, it was suggested that we investigate the possibility of borrowing a Vancouver, WA, concept:  a “Library Annex” for Multnomah  Village which is totally automated allowing the pick-up of “Holds” as well as “Returns” without the need for a staff member in attendance.  Members were also reminded of a $790 million PPS bond measure on the May ballot.

Robert received a response from Rieke School Principal Sarah Lewins to questions relating to ways to strengthen community support.  The Rieke Art Fair is scheduled for May 7 and a rummage sale is planned for September; donated items are welcome.  Rieke Reading Buddies needs more volunteers.  A solution to reducing the pedestrian crossing risks for young students at Sunset and Capitol Highway is needed and could reduce the need to drive students to school.

SWNI Report and Land Use

Leah Klass read Glenn Bridger’s written reports.  The “Volunteer of the Year” awards has been transformed into “Celebrate Our Success,” the program to be presented on June 5 at 6:30 p.m. at the MAC.  Neighborhood Associations will each submit a story by April 25 highlighting a project or event which resulted in noteworthy benefit to the community.  A poll of members and the Board resulted in the choice of “Hillsdale’s National Night Out,” a project of the Outreach Committee chaired by Barbara Bowers.

SWNI supports a statement by the City and Portland United Against Hate to protest recent “hate activities.”  Also, SWNI is proposing changes to its bylaws and will discuss its “governance process” at the annual retreat on April 29.

One land use notice regarding an AirBnB permit application raised the question of whether anyone other than a property owner could apply for such a permit.  The zoning rules identify the applicant as having to be the “resident” of the dwelling unit; it does not stipulate that it must be the owner.

Other Announcements

Rebecca Tilson ( invited members to the Multnomah Arts Center on April 26 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. for the annual SW Watershed Open House, hosted by the City’s Bureau of Environmental Services.

The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


To: City Commissioner Dan Saltzman

From: The Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Date:  April 13, 2017

SUBJECT:  Recommendation of Don Baack, applicant for the Citizen Advisory Committee, City of Portland Pedestrian Plan.

At its April 5 meeting, the Board of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association, in consultation with HNA members, unanimously voted to support Don Baack’s application to participate in the 2017 Pedestrian Master Planning Effort.

Don, a very active  Hillsdale resident for over 45 years,  has been leading Southwest and City of Portland efforts to improve the Southwest pedestrian environment for over 21 years. Not only has Don walked most of our SW streets during his daily 2-5 mile exercise, he has also walked many other streets throughout the City of Portland.  His extensive international travels have shown him how other cities and nations have addressed pedestrian infrastructure.  His creation of the 40-plus mile SW Urban Trails network of safe-walking routes on low-traffic streets and other connections included recruiting and leading volunteers who built the important connections.  The “4T Trail” demonstrates his ability to think creatively to bring unique low-cost solutions to challenging situations.

Don has advocated for pedestrian improvements far beyond the boundaries of the Hillsdale community:  working with ODOT to improve pedestrian safety on the exits to the Oregon Zoo from Highway 26; working to install the first Rapid Flashing Beacon at 4900 SW Barbur Boulevard; pushing for other pedestrian crossings on Barbur, especially at SW Lauradel, a key Barbur crossing for people of color and refugees, while he chaired the SWNI Transportation Committee in 2000; supporting Capitol Highway improvements in Multnomah Village over improving Capitol Highway in Hillsdale.

Don has endured walking limitations, has assisted a number of injured hikers in a variety of locations, and has suffered vision issues but is now much improved and is an on-going inspiration to those much younger walkers who struggle to maintain his pace.

Don is the retired owner of a very successful consulting business focused on forest products economic development and retention, from which he retired in 1993.  But, he continues to support small business as an active member of the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association (HBPA),  a strong supporter of SW Trails.

Don showed skill in leading the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association through a contentious boundary dispute with the SW Residential League (SWHRL).  It was amicably settled to the satisfaction of all.  He also showed skill in organizing SWTrails PDX in 2011 as a non-profit organization to advocate for pedestrian infrastructure, conduct walks throughout Southwest Portland, and construct and maintain pedestrian infrastructure.

Don has served for a number of years as a safety advocate of the City of Portland Traffic Safety Committee.   He always rides the bus to the mid-day meetings.

Don and his family have been very involved in the settlement of over 150 refugees from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East–including 12 individuals who lived with the family for up to three years.  The family has also financially and physically supported Neighborhood House and Northeast Emergency Food Pantry on NE 72nd Avenue

Hillsdale, the Southwest, and the City of Portland are very fortunate to still be benefiting from what we refer to as “this force of nature and civic endeavor” named Don Baack.  We proudly recommend that he be selected to serve on the Citizen Advisory Committee.

Sincerely yours,

Robert E. Hamilton, Secretary

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Cc. Leah Treat, Director of Transportation; Matt Grumm

HNA April 5, 2017 Meeting Agenda

April 3, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 2201 SW Vermont St

Chair: Adam Light



7:00 p.m. Opening, Agenda Review, Approve March Meeting Minutes; Treasurer’s Report

7:05 p.m. Introductions

7:10 p.m. Sharon Meieran, Multnomah County Commissioner

7:40 p.m. Neighborhood Affairs and Informational Reports

  1. Reports with request for public input
  2. Public input period
  3. Reports not requesting public input

Outreach: Barbara Bowers

Schools: Michael Reunert and Robert Hamilton

Hillsdale Business and Professional Association

Transportation: Eric Wilhelm

SWNI: Glenn Bridger

Land Use Notices: Glenn Bridger

SW Trails:  Don Baack

8:25 p.m. Other Announcements

8:30 Any Remaining Reports


HNA Meeting Minutes for March 1, 2017

March 13, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

March 1, 2017

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

The meeting, chaired by Adam Light, began at 7 p.m.  The agenda was modified, members introduced themselves, the bank account balance ($502) was unchanged, and Portland Police Officer Jason Graf provided an update and answered questions.  He asked that members call the “non-emergency” telephone number (503-823-3333) for matters of concern which involve suspicious or unwelcome behavior but not a “crime in process,” a “911” matter.  The police do not generally make “welfare checks” on homeless residents except when the weather is severe and their health may be in danger.  He also discussed car-prowls, graffiti (not investigated on private property).  No new traffic police have been added to Portland in two years.  He reminded us that two license plates (front and rear) are necessary for cars.  He can be reached at:

Rick Nitti, executive director of Neighborhood House, reported that Turning Point (6552 SW 19th Avenue) will no longer be “transitional housing” but will be part of a new federally funded concept:  Housing First.  It includes two years of funded housing which can be extended beyond 24 months but without the federal subsidy.  No sex-offenders or individuals with drug convictions will be eligible.  Turning Point will accommodate 60-70 people as units are modified.

Andrea Wall (SW 25th Avenue Right-of-Way Restoration Project) reported that 85 volunteers are now participating and that the project received $600 from the SWNI Small Grants Program.  She has submitted another $15,000 of application requests to other funding agencies.  She will meet with the Outreach Committee to discuss a fund raising collaboration at the August National Night Out.  Individuals wanting to make a tax-deductible donation for the purchase of native plants, compost, and gravel for the trail may do so by sending it to:  SOLV; 2000 SW First Avenue; Suite 400; Portland, OR 97201. Important: When making a donation through SOLV, in your checks memo line, be sure to note that it is for the SW 25th Ave ROW Project.

Jim Keiter and John Mills reported on behalf of the Hillsdale Tree Team (  The City’s Urban Forestry Department started Tree Teams to help meet their educational outreach goals.  They want to plant more trees in public rights-of-way, survey the tree canopy, preserve it, and offer tree-pruning workshops.

Outreach Committee

Leah Klass reported that SWNI’s “Celebrate Success” will showcase Neighborhood Association success stories within the 17-member coalition.  The deadline for submitting our HNA success story, in 300 words or less, is April 28, and the stories will be published June 10.  The committee has also produced a new single-fold handout to encourage attendance at HNA monthly meetings.

The Outreach Committee is planning a Monday, April 24, public forum on immigration and racism; from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. at St. Barnabas Church’s parish hall and will offer prepared food.  Members should address questions such as:  Easy ways to make new community members feel welcome and safe; the impact of changing federal policies on immigrants; helping Muslims, and others feeling vulnerable, feel welcome and safe; how to increase local efforts to oppose racism and oppression; how can we act collectively as a Neighborhood Association to oppose racism?

The Committee asked members to help them develop job descriptions for HNA President and Vice President in an effort to increase interest in filling these vacant positions.

HNA’s National Night Out will be Wednesday, August 1, at DeWitt Park.

Arnie Panitch alerted members to the Sanctuary Circle Walk being held at Wilson HS on Sundays at 3 p.m.  Walkers gather at the big tree near The Portland Dance studio.

The Outreach Committee again offered members a chance at the meeting to suggest issues which should be addressed and ways to improve monthly HNA meetings and communications in general.  Flip-chart responses included the following:

Feedback: Hillsdale Successes

  • SW 25th Avenue Restoration Project
  • New Capacity: Tree Team
  • Capitol Highway Planters

Feedback: Questions to Ask our Schools

  • How are we planning on supporting students if IDEA/FARE is appealed?
  • How can the community/school connection be reinforced and explored?
  • How can we reduce traffic to and from schools?
  • Improving connectivity to schools…


  • Like the arrangement of chairs in a circle (2)
  • Liked having several short presentations on things happening in neighborhood: Trees, Turning Point, etc.
  • Appreciated planned time slots and staying on schedule
  • Shorter reports and seeking participation of all present
  • Short reports
  • Keep police officer coming each quarter


  • Drop most of the informational reports – only include a few that need input


  • Announcements: 1-minute max per person for 5-10 minutes
  • more outside speakers on topics of general interest to attract more of the community
  • Robert: Call-in to meetings via new technology
  • Robert: Feature 1 business/vendor/store monthly (e.g. Dairy Hill, Food Front)

Transportation Committee

Eric Wilhelm reported that PBOT is renewing its System Development Charge (SDC) program and project list.  ODOT presented to SWNI Transportation Committee on the striping plan for the Road Safety Audit response project but did not have details on which gaps in the bike lanes would be left or fixed (such as westbound approaching 19th Avenue).  They will not be fixing the bike lane gaps across the Vermont, Newbury, or Multnomah bridges.  They also presented a traffic plan for South Portland Crossroads which creates a jug-handle pattern around Barbur World Foods to feed into I-5 southbound but it poorly addresses pedestrian and bicycle safety in those turning movements.  The SWNI Transportation Committee will be reviewing their action plan at the March meeting and is requesting input by March 16.

Schools Committee

Michael Reunert explained that the May ballot includes a bond for school construction and a plan to remove lead from cooking and drinking water.  He also reminded us that schools are “sanctuaries” and referenced an interview with WHS principal Brian Chatard, conducted by Rick Seifert, in the March edition of Southwest Community Connection, in which Chatard stresses that his charge is to protect all students at the high school.

Robert Hamilton read the questions which he is posing to the principals at Mary Rieke Elementary and Robert Gray Middle Schools, as part of the SWNI Schools Committee effort to increase community support, and invited members to add questions they also felt should be asked.

Principal Beth Madison of Robert Gray responded to our questions on March 7:

How has this year been going?  Have there been any surprises?

This year at Robert Gray Middle School has once again been excellent so far. The big surprise was the news that the new federal government structure doesn’t really have much knowledge about anything about schools. Not surprising was that the state budget for the next biennium is dreadfully lacking.

What is happening in the school community currently?  (any events coming up or recently happened?)

Please see our calendar on the RGMS website. Our activities are far too numerous to describe.

What are some events your school does each year? When do they typically occur? Are there any events that the community can support or participate in?

Please see our calendar on the RGMS website. Our activities are far too numerous to describe and recur annually.

Are there any needs the school has?

Our school infrastructure is decaying in continually alarming ways. Our school has the need for the community to support the bonds to rebuild schools and provide repairs.

Are there any pressing issues impacting families within the school that the community should be aware of?

The condition of children and families certainly will not improve in the current political climate that seeks to take away food stamps, access to planned parenthood, education support, health care and so on.

Part II: HNA Questions

  1. How can HNA support students if IDEA/FAPE is appealed?

IDEA is dramatically underfunded as it is. The federal government only supplies a small percentage of the funds it takes to provide this support. School districts are stretched thin trying to provide quality IDEA services. It is hard to say what all will happen with this. None of it bodes well.

  1. How can we reduce traffic to- and from-school?

Let them walk.


Arnie Panitch reminded members of a March 6 Southwest Corridor committee meeting at the Multnomah Art Center at 6:30 p.m.  

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Submitted by Robert Hamilton, Secretary

HNA Agenda for March 1, 2017 (Revised)

February 24, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting

Wednesday, March 1, 2017, 7 p.m.

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 2201 SW Vermont St


Chair: Adam Light

7:00 p.m. Opening, Agenda Review, Approve February Meeting Minutes; Treasurer’s Report

7:05 p.m. Introductions

7:10 p.m. Report from Officer Graf of the Portland Police Bureau with Questions and Answers

7:25 p.m. Rick Nitti: Future Changes for Turning Point

7:40 p.m. Andrea Wall: SW 25th Avenue Restoration Project

7:55 p.m. Neighborhood Affairs and Informational Reports

  1. Reports with request for public input
  2. Public input period
  3. Reports not requesting public input
  • Schools: Michael Reunert and Robert Hamilton
  • Hillsdale Business and Professional Association
  • Transportation: Eric Wilhelm
  • SWNI: Glenn Bridger
  • Land Use Notices: Glenn Bridger
  • SW Trails: Don Baack
  • Outreach: Barbara Bowers

8:25 p.m. Other Announcements

8:30 Any Remaining Reports


HNA Meeting Minutes for February 1, 2017

February 13, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

February 1, 2017

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

Action Item 2017-2-1-1 The Board unanimously approved a motion by Barbara Bowers that HNA sponsor a National Night Out program in 2017.

Action Item 2017-2-1-2 The Board unanimously approved a motion by Barbara Bowers that Leah Klass be an Alternate to Board member Glenn Bridger.

The meeting was chaired by Don Baack.

7:00 p.m. Introductions, Agenda Review; the January 4 Minutes were corrected and will be posted to the HNA website.

Mikal Apenes reported that the St. Barnabas Church parking lot is not available as a potential Park-and-Ride location to the public as 50% of it is rented Monday-Friday to employees of Fanno Creek Clinic and the other half is used by church staff.

7:15 p.m. Snow and Ice Removal within the Hillsdale Business District

Mike Roach, president of the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association, and  several property and business owners within the business district attended the meeting.  Mike noted that recent ice and snow is unusual, the worst pedestrian, automobile parking and driving, and bicycle conditions since the storm of 2008, which prompted him, the co-owner of Paloma Clothing, to buy 10 snow shovels for future use.  He invited suggestions from members for dealing with snow and ice storms of the future.

Several property owners were invited by letter to the meeting and informed of Ordinance sub-section 17.28.025, added by Ordinance No. 176585, effective July 5, 2002, which states the following:  (A) The owner(s) and occupant(s) of land adjacent to  any street in the City shall be responsible for snow and ice removal from sidewalks aabutting or immediately adjacent to such land, notwithstanding any time limitations.  (B) Property owner(s) and/or occupant(s) shall be liable for any and all damages to any person who is injured or otherwise suffers damage resulting from failure to remove snow and/or ice accumulations.  (C) Property owner(s) and/or occupant(s) shall be liable to the City of Portland for any amounts paid or incurred consequent from claims, judgment or settlement, and for all reasonable investigation costs and attorney fees, resulting from the responsible property owner’s or occupant’s failure to remove snow and ice accumulations from such sidewalks as imposed by this Code.

Rick Meigs asked that property owners arrange for the business district generally to be cleared of ice and snow, though noting that snow plows which clear the streets frequently deposit the snow on adjacent sidewalks, and not just the “furniture area” between sidewalks and the street.  He also recommended opening a path for Tri-Met riders to reach the bus from the shelters, to avoid the need to wade through a sidewalk snow bank.

Arnie Panitch stated that A-frame signs were removed and that shopping carts belonging to Hillsdale stores and which are left on public/private property can be reported for pickup at telephone number 888-55-CARTS.  He also wondered if the snow shovels are still available for volunteer use and asked that we be mindful of the senior citizens living at nearby Watershed at Hillsdale.  There are two sidewalks serving the public: one adjacent to the street and another bordering the actual businesses themselves.  Arnie observed shoppers following on the icy sidewalk and steps in front of Pizzacatto.

Barbara Bowers said that it was very difficult walking from the Watershed to Food Front.  The general manager of Food Front, Eamon Molloy, said that he could not purchase enough salt and de-icer from Portland-area suppliers to meet Food Front’s needs.  He said that 25 degrees Fahrenheit is a critical temperature in these situations.  Others said there experience is that lower temperatures require more salt and de-icer.

Mikal said that this was an unusual weather event but that the shops on Barbur Boulevard were cleared of snow and ice.  Some members objected to any use for salt while others said that infrequent use of it will not damage cars or plants.

An Iowa-street resident said he moved here from a city which frequently experienced harsh winter weather and that virtually all homeowners had snow shovels.  He recommended forming a “Shovel Volunteer Army.”  This SVA might focus upon streets which the City will not snow plow.

Rick Seifert, the Chief Suspect and founder of The Usual Suspects, a volunteer litter-patrol unit, said his band could help with snow/ice removal, perhaps alongside Wilson High School students who would volunteer.  He also recommended that the Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) be asked to define their role within a future plan, including situations which might include an earthquake as well as a storm–wind, rain, or snow/ice.  Members were sobered by the prospect of a 500-year earthquake combined with a 10-year snow/ice event.

Mike Roach said that when he bought 10 snow shovels, WHS baseball coach Mike Clopton recruited team players to use them. The high school does have a “student service requirement” which snow/ice removal might help some students achieve.

Mike also raised the possibility of acquiring a snow-blower.  Michael Reunert said that in his experience a single snow-blower can easily do the work of 10 snow-shovelers in the same time period.  This prompted Leslie Pohl-Kosbau to comment that 30-50 years ago, Portland had a very organized response to winter snow storms, and that in some circumstances we want snow the cover the more slippery ice.  It was agreed that any future plan would recognize that not all snow storms are severe

Eric Wilhelm suggested that 2-3 spaces in the parking lot be used for snow banks and that emphasis be put upon removing snow from the entrance to individual businesses.

Don Baack turned the discussion towards the streets and the need for the City to plow the snow into the bicycle lands and not onto the sidewalk; remove snow from the Terwilliger Bridge and other bridges which span I-5 at; to clear bus stops of snow/ice; and to put a priority on snow/ice removal from the Safe-Routes to School and to bus stops.  The City needs a comprehensive snow-plow plan for critical steep streets and routes to school.  Don also suggested that the HNA agenda for May would allow us to resume discussion with the business owners and property owners of a plan for future snow/ice removal which would include public and private sector legal responsibilities as well as ways volunteers and organizations could be contacted to complement and supplement their role.

The website Nextdoor Hillsdale is potentially available as a way to contact and alert the community when a coordinated weather-emergency response is required.  Barbara Bowers encouraged members to contact Gary Wasserman, the “lead” for Nextdoor Hillsdale and ask him to make the blog subscriber map congruent with the geographical definition of our City-recognized official neighborhood.

Portland Public Schools Presentation

Laura Hanson of Portland Public Schools distributed information about the “Health, Safety and Modernization Bond” which PPS is proposing for a May 2017 ballot decision.  Laura explained the options the PPS administration and board considered, answered numerous questions, and entertained suggestions regarding PPS’s public relations campaign to convince Portland residents to pass the measure.

Schools Committee

Michael Reunert reported that the graduation rate at Wilson High School has risen to 95%.

Outreach Committee

Barbara Bowers proposed two motions unanimously approved by the Board:  (1) that HNA sponsor in 2017 the National Night Out program; and (2) that Leah Klass be the Alternate to Board member Glenn Bridger.

SWNI Report and Land Use Committee

Glenn Bridger submitted a written report regarding both SWNI and the Land Use Committee.  The SWNI-sponsored Spring and Autumn cleanups will no longer accept yard waste, owing to a new cost charged by Metro:  the fee will no longer be waived for SWNI.  Glenn also asked members to report weather-related water and sewer pipe leakage to Jen Seamans at SWNI.  He also noted the absence of an HNA representative on the Equity and Inclusion Committee, although he does chair it.  And, he said a second alternate is needed to attend SWNI Board meetings when neither he nor first alternate Don Baack can attend.

Glenn reported a demolition permit notice has been issued for the new development of five duplexes on Vermont.  Also, a liquor license request has been received from a local business; he will distribute it to members.

Other Announcements

HNA member Arnold “Arnie” Panitch has been selected to represent the Tri-Met Committee on Accessible Transportation (CAT) to the Southwest Corridor Community Advisory Committee.  The Southwest Corridor Project proposes to connect light-rail from downtown Portland to Tigard and Bridgeport Village.  The project is the subject of a detailed environmental study to understand the potential benefits, impacts, and mitigation relating to route and station options regarding walking, biking, and roadway connections.  Final recommendations are expected in early 2018.

Rick Seifert announced that the Hillsdale Community Foundation, whose treasury is enhanced annually from the sale of books during the Blueberry Pancake Breakfast in July, has funds to offer to worthwhile projects aimed at improving livability in the neighborhood.

Adam Light reminded members of the Rieke Elementary School fundraising efforts to improve the outdoor playground.  Adam will apply to HCF for a contribution.

The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Submitted by Robert Hamilton